Universal uClick, 2005

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2005xdidDateSizeTitleAuthorEditorCopyright1Across_1DownSimilar Previous Grids
up2005-01-042005-01-0415x15"TO DYE FOR" (JANUARY 04, 2005)By Ron HalversonAZTEC_ARCO(39%) Mary Derderian Brown [nyt1994-08-29]
(100%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-04-28]
up2005-01-092005-01-0915x15"DIRTY PUZZLE" (JANUARY 09, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonABAT_ACTS(100%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-07-22]
up2005-01-152005-01-1515x15"TEA FOR TWO" (JANUARY 15, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonAMOS_ANTA(98%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-07-17]
up2005-01-242005-01-2415x15"THINGS ARE LOOKING UP" (JANUARY 24, 2005)By Ron HalversonALMS_APSE(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-07-05]
(95%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-12-27]
up2005-01-262005-01-2615x15"IS THERE AN ECHO IN HERE?" (JANUARY 26, 2005)By Gayle DeanODDS_OFFED(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-11-30]
up2005-01-272005-01-2715x15"OFFEND WITH FRIENDS" (JANUARY 27, 2005)By Jim BuellABBOT_ACMES(100%) By Jim Buell [up1999-10-02]
up2005-01-302005-01-3015x15"WHO'S THERE?" (JANUARY 30, 2005)By Ron HalversonCLOD_CREDO(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-12-01]
up2005-02-052005-02-0515x15"ODD COUPLES" (FEBRUARY 05, 2005)By Ron HalversonELDER_ELLS(97%) By Ron Halverson [up2001-01-20]
up2005-02-062005-02-0615x15"BAD HABITS?" (FEBRUARY 06, 2005)By Ron HalversonMESS_MEDAL(35%) Trip Payne [nyt1994-09-21]
(25%) B. E. Quigley [nyt1996-08-07]
(97%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-09-16]
up2005-02-082005-02-0815x15"IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE" (FEBRUARY 08, 2005)By Ron HalversonCAMS_CALC(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-09-30]
up2005-02-142005-02-1415x15"HIDDEN AGENDA" (FEBRUARY 14, 2005)By Ron HalversonGOSH_GASP(90%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-11-08]
up2005-02-162005-02-1615x15"MEASURE UP" (FEBRUARY 16, 2005)By Tony MupoBARE_BELA(92%) By Tony Mupo [up2000-01-16]
up2005-02-182005-02-1815x15"WHEN YOU'RE HOT ..." (FEBRUARY 18, 2005)By Ron HalversonLATCH_LADD(99%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-01-21]
up2005-02-192005-02-1915x15"TREAD THE BOARDS" (FEBRUARY 19, 2005)By Diane EppersonDIVA_DEBTOF(98%) By Diane Epperson [up1999-12-17]
up2005-02-202005-02-2015x15"LARGE AND IN CHARGE" (FEBRUARY 20, 2005)By Mitch KomroBEST_BABEL(100%) By Mitch Komro [up1999-12-20]
up2005-02-212005-02-2115x15"STEER CLEAR" (FEBRUARY 21, 2005)By Ron HalversonADAM_ANKH(82%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-08-21]
up2005-02-222005-02-2215x15"HIGH JINX" (FEBRUARY 22, 2005)By James E. BuellLARGE_LITER(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-02-03]
up2005-02-232005-02-2315x15"LAID-BACK" (FEBRUARY 23, 2005)By Gayle DeanFAUST_FEET(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-10-07]
up2005-02-242005-02-2415x15"COUNTING THE STARS" (FEBRUARY 24, 2005)By Diane EppersonOMAR_OLAF(100%) By Dave & Diane Epperson [up1999-10-03]
up2005-02-262005-02-2615x15"HALF-BAKED" (FEBRUARY 26, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiDWARF_DECO(94%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-12-16]
up2005-02-282005-02-2815x15"DEARLY BELOVED" (FEBRUARY 28, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiIVANA_IFS(94%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-01]
up2005-03-022005-03-0215x15"I'M FLOORED" (MARCH 02, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiCALLS_CARS(100%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-08]
up2005-03-032005-03-0315x15"SPLASHY NEIGHBORS" (MARCH 03, 2005)By Holden BakerDUAD_DISCS(100%) By Holden Baker [up2000-01-19]
up2005-03-042005-03-0415x15"FRUIT PICKER" (MARCH 04, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonLEAD_LEGO(97%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-01-28]
up2005-03-052005-03-0515x15"GIVE IT A GO" (MARCH 05, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonCOLDS_CAFE(95%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-01-20]
up2005-03-062005-03-0615x15"YOU RANG?" (MARCH 06, 2005)By Diane EppersonAPES_ARABS(95%) By Dave & Diane Epperson [up2000-02-22]
up2005-03-082005-03-0815x15"LITTER-AL TRANSLATION" (MARCH 08, 2005)By Ron HalversonONES_ODER(100%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-02-11]
up2005-03-112005-03-1115x15"STRANGE TONGUES" (MARCH 11, 2005)By Patrick McconvilleYACKS_YUCCA(93%) By Patrick McConville [up1999-09-06]
up2005-03-132005-03-1315x15"SUPPLY AND DEMANDS" (MARCH 13, 2005)By Stephen WindheimTALC_TALL(96%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-05-27]
up2005-03-142005-03-1415x15"JOINT EFFORT" (MARCH 14, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiLPS_LINKUP(96%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-12-02]
up2005-03-152005-03-1515x15"BOOK MARKS" (MARCH 15, 2005)By David KahnAPES_ADD(99%) By David J. Kahn [up2000-01-09]
up2005-03-172005-03-1715x15"STRANGE ECHOES" (MARCH 17, 2005)By Diane EppersonCODA_COMA(100%) By Diane Epperson [up1999-10-19]
up2005-03-182005-03-1815x15"ASAP!" (MARCH 18, 2005)Elizabeth C. GorskiIDOL_IRAQI(94%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-01-10]
up2005-03-192005-03-1915x15"DRIVING 101" (MARCH 19, 2005)By Patrick McconvilleWAFT_WAIFS(100%) By Patrick McConville [up2000-03-10]
up2005-03-202005-03-2015x15"DAIRY DELIVERY" (MARCH 20, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiARNO_ACCTS(99%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-06-14]
up2005-03-212005-03-2115x15"TIME MARCHES ON" (MARCH 21, 2005)By Diane EppersonLABS_LASS(100%) By Dave & Diane Epperson [up2000-05-15]
up2005-03-222005-03-2215x15"WATCH THE BIRDIE" (MARCH 22, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiPEDAL_PUNS(89%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-12-12]
up2005-03-232005-03-2315x15"RIDE 'EM COWBOY" (MARCH 23, 2005)By Ron HalversonBAST_BARB(95%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-04-03]
up2005-03-252005-03-2515x15"ESCAPEE ON THE LOOSE" (MARCH 25, 2005)By Frank R. HammondHOGS_HUGS(100%) By Frank R. Hammond [up1999-11-27]
up2005-03-272005-03-2715x15"BOTTOMS UP" (MARCH 27, 2005)By Gayle DeanDOWEL_DEBS(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-07-02]
up2005-03-282005-03-2815x15"PASS THE CONDIMENTS" (MARCH 28, 2005)By Frances HansenJAVA_JOKE(100%) By Frances Hansen [up2000-03-16]
up2005-03-292005-03-2915x15"CRYSTAL CLEAR" (MARCH 29, 2005)By Gayle DeanFEET_FLAWS(100%) By Gayle Dean [usa2004-12-22]
up2005-04-042005-04-0415x15"HANDED DOWN" (APRIL 04, 2005)By Jim PageOPAL_ONUS(89%) By Jim Page [up1999-09-29]
up2005-04-072005-04-0715x15"SCARLET'S IN THERE" (APRIL 07, 2005)By Patrick McConvilleBIRL_BASSY(100%) By Patrick McConville [up1999-09-03]
up2005-04-092005-04-0915x15"THE HEAT'S GETTING TO ME" (APRIL 09, 2005)By J.R. RichardsonLANE_LENTO(85%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-09-01]
up2005-04-112005-04-1115x15"DO THIS, DO THAT" (APRIL 11, 2005)By Ron HalversonECHO_ETHIC(96%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-01-01]
up2005-04-122005-04-1215x15"MOVE IT OR LOSE IT" (APRIL 12, 2005)By Gayle DeanOSCAR_OCHER(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-08-15]
up2005-04-132005-04-1315x15"ACT YOUR AGE!" (APRIL 13, 2005)By Ron HalversonARAB_ABCS(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-06-17]
up2005-04-142005-04-1415x15"DAILY MOTTO" (APRIL 14, 2005)By Patrick McconvilleJUJU_JIMI(100%) By Patrick McConville [up2000-05-03]
up2005-04-152005-04-1515x15"... WHERE CREDIT'S DUE" (APRIL 15, 2005)By James E. BuellABBA_ASHE(100%) By Jim Buell [up1999-11-08]
up2005-04-202005-04-2015x15"CLEAN AS A WHISTLE" (APRIL 20, 2005)By Louis HildebrandMATCH_MOTHS(100%) By Louis Hildebrand [up2000-03-30]
up2005-04-212005-04-2115x15"SPACE PROGRAM" (APRIL 21, 2005)By Gayle DeanSTRAP_SUFI(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-07-30]
up2005-04-222005-04-2215x15"SOUNDS LIKE IT" (APRIL 22, 2005)By Ron HalversonSTART_SLAP(96%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-07-29]
up2005-04-242005-04-2415x15"DON'T GET SNIPPY!" (APRIL 24, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiETTU_ELEC(100%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-11-14]
up2005-04-262005-04-2615x15"CHANGE IS GOOD" (APRIL 26, 2005)By Elizabeth C. GorskiRAJA_RADAR(100%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-11-22]
up2005-04-282005-04-2815x15"BUSY BEES" (APRIL 28, 2005)By Fran & Lou SabinROTH_ROBE(25%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-12-07]
up2005-04-292005-04-2915x15"MOVIE MAKING" (APRIL 29, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonHAIGS_HOST(100%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-08-16]
up2005-04-302005-04-3015x15"UP IN SMOKE" (APRIL 30, 2005)By Gayle DeanADAPT_ATTA(96%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-05-04]
up2005-05-022005-05-0215x15"LITERAL-MINDED" (MAY 02, 2005)By Gayle DeanMOPS_MARC(95%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-08-02]
up2005-05-072005-05-0715x15"TOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE" (MAY 07, 2005)By Gayle DeanMAKE_MAHAL(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-09-19]
up2005-05-162005-05-1615x15"FRONTS" (MAY 16, 2005)By Mable GreeneCHAPS_CRIMP(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-08-20]
up2005-05-192005-05-1915x15"BACK UP" (MAY 19, 2005)By James E. BuellYUCCA_YAMS(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-05-01]
up2005-05-202005-05-2015x15"HOUSEHOLD HELPERS" (MAY 20, 2005)By Alice GardnerMERE_MARC(94%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-05-21]
up2005-05-252005-05-2515x15"I THINK, THEREFORE ..." (MAY 25, 2005)By Gayle DeanARKS_ALAR(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-07-19]
up2005-06-022005-06-0215x15"SHADOWY" (JUNE 02, 2005)By Gayle DeanCLEF_CID(100%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-06-18]
up2005-06-052005-06-0515x15"THIS, THAT ..." (JUNE 05, 2005)By George KellerSLAB_SPEC(91%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-12-22]
up2005-06-112005-06-1115x15"WHAT'S IN A NAME?" (JUNE 11, 2005)By J.R. RichardsonCRTS_CLAP(90%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-12-05]
up2005-06-172005-06-1715x15"BOAT OF CONFIDENCE" (JUNE 17, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonSAFE_SARAH(89%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-08-13]
up2005-06-202005-06-2015x15"SINGING ELVIS SONGS" (JUNE 20, 2005)By Ritchie HearneERECT_ESSE(91%) By Ritchie Hearne [usa2004-12-20]
up2005-06-232005-06-2315x15"SMILING ON THE INSIDE" (JUNE 23, 2005)By Alice WalkerCAPS_CAPRA(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-10-05]
up2005-06-282005-06-2815x15"IT'S ELEMENTARY (SCHOOL)" (JUNE 28, 2005)By Hal CroshamJADE_JESTS(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-05-03]
up2005-06-292005-06-2915x15"HELP WANTED" (JUNE 29, 2005)By Lyle GoddardLEWD_LOSE(100%) By Fran and Lou Sabin [usa2003-03-07]
up2005-07-192005-07-1915x15"SEE YOU TONIGHT" (JULY 19, 2005)By Ed GeorgePAST_PATCH(100%) By Noah Dephoure [up2004-12-28]
up2005-07-212005-07-2115x15"PAPER PUSHER" (JULY 21, 2005)By Alice WalkerBRO_BLOWUP(95%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-05-17]
up2005-07-222005-07-2215x15"LEISURELY" (JULY 22, 2005)By Jim PageDAME_DEGAS(99%) By Jim Page [up1999-06-30]
up2005-07-302005-07-3015x15"WORK OUT" (JULY 30, 2005)By Joan WilliamsonLEAR_LODI(100%) By Joan Williamson [up1999-09-28]
up2005-08-012005-08-0115x15"SHAPE UP" (AUGUST 01, 2005)By Ron HalversonCAS_CACHE(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-08-10]
up2005-08-062005-08-0615x15"SOUL MATE" (AUGUST 06, 2005)By Sam Bellotto Jr.ACT_ALOT(32%) Elizabeth C. Gorski [nyt1998-07-07]
(29%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-12-18]
up2005-08-142005-08-1415x15"SWAT TEAM" (AUGUST 14, 2005)By Gayle DeanSPEC_SNUB(96%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-05-20]
up2005-08-212005-08-2115x15"SHOP GOODS" (AUGUST 21, 2005)By Thomas KinkaidTACT_TITAN(98%) 990309 [lat1999-03-09]
up2005-08-222005-08-2215x15"SIMPLE ADDITION" (AUGUST 22, 2005)By Ron HalversonACTUP_ANTS(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-05-24]
up2005-08-242005-08-2415x15"AROUND THE HOUSE" (AUGUST 24, 2005)By Lucia ColeSKIPS_SINGLE(90%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-04-27]
up2005-08-252005-08-2515x15"WE NEED A HOMER!" (AUGUST 25, 2005)By Paul FitzASEA_ACTS(90%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-01-06]
up2005-08-272005-08-2715x15"EARTHLY DELIGHTS" (AUGUST 27, 2005)By Gayle DeanSLAP_SWAB(99%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-09-14]
up2005-08-282005-08-2815x15"THAT'S WACK!" (AUGUST 28, 2005)By Ellsworth ParksDAMS_DEMI(100%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-06-14]
up2005-08-292005-08-2915x15"SNAP TO IT!" (AUGUST 29, 2005)By James E. BuellBUBBA_BASIL(100%) By James E. Buell [up1999-11-28]
up2005-08-302005-08-3015x15"OO! OO!" (AUGUST 30, 2005)By Isaiah BurkeSHES_STAG(99%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-06-23]
up2005-09-022005-09-0215x15"GETTING IT DONE" (SEPTEMBER 02, 2005)By Lucia ColeEFTS_EBBS(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-06-28]
up2005-09-032005-09-0315x15"I'M NOT LIKE YOU" (SEPTEMBER 03, 2005)By James E. BuellSPEC_SHOE(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-06-25]
up2005-09-062005-09-0615x15"NOW IS THE TIME" (SEPTEMBER 06, 2005)By Isaiah BurkeCHIMP_COTE(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-04-23]
up2005-09-072005-09-0715x15"ALL-AMERICAN MEAL" (SEPTEMBER 07, 2005)By Lucia ColePAID_PARADOX(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-12-26]
up2005-09-082005-09-0815x15"GREEN LIGHT" (SEPTEMBER 08, 2005)By Ellery WallaceEDGE_EPEE(83%) By Jim Page [up2000-06-21]
up2005-09-092005-09-0915x15"QUIET DOWN" (SEPTEMBER 09, 2005)By Fran & Lou SabinRADAR_ROOT(100%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up1999-12-27]
up2005-09-102005-09-1015x15"MALE AND FEMALES" (SEPTEMBER 10, 2005)By Gail StormIRISH_IRMA(90%) By Holden Baker [up1999-12-18]
up2005-09-112005-09-1115x15"THE DESIRE WITHIN" (SEPTEMBER 11, 2005)By Fran & Lou SabinBALI_BOWL(100%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-01-22]
up2005-09-142005-09-1415x15"HALT!" (SEPTEMBER 14, 2005)By Ellery WallaceAMASS_ALEC(100%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-08-08]
up2005-09-182005-09-1815x15"IN FINE FORM" (SEPTEMBER 18, 2005)By Lucas BremeGEENA_GAS(93%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-18]
up2005-09-192005-09-1915x15"YOUR DAY HAS COME" (SEPTEMBER 19, 2005)By Ron HalversonCAPP_CUSHY(100%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-05-17]
up2005-09-202005-09-2015x15"GOOD HOSPITALITY" (SEPTEMBER 20, 2005)By Mitch KomroFEED_FRAMER(90%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-04-07]
up2005-09-212005-09-2115x15"DOG DAYS" (SEPTEMBER 21, 2005)By Elaine BurhardtASHE_ABBA(95%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-08-19]
up2005-09-232005-09-2315x15"ADDING UP?" (SEPTEMBER 23, 2005)By Stanley KnoxNINTH_NETS(95%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-06-20]
up2005-09-242005-09-2415x15"VISION IMPAIRED" (SEPTEMBER 24, 2005)By Alex ColeANNE_ANEW(100%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-02-26]
(100%) By Fran and Lou Sabin [usa2003-04-11]
up2005-09-252005-09-2515x15"TOM CRUISES" (SEPTEMBER 25, 2005)By J.r. RichardsonRUSH_REHAB(99%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-08-07]
up2005-09-272005-09-2715x15"STORM APPROACHING" (SEPTEMBER 27, 2005)By Candice CarterBOWL_BABY(100%) By Marjorie Berg [up2000-06-11]
up2005-09-282005-09-2815x15"CAT GOT YOUR ..." (SEPTEMBER 28, 2005)By Edward CarradineCASH_COAT(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-07-31]
up2005-09-292005-09-2915x15"HOLD ME!" (SEPTEMBER 29, 2005)By Stanley KnoxBRADS_BRASH(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-09-04]
up2005-09-302005-09-3015x15"FUNNY HA-HA" (SEPTEMBER 30, 2005)By Andy CraftSTASH_STACK(95%) By Thomas W. Schier [up1999-09-02]
up2005-10-012005-10-0115x15GRAND TIMEBy Stanley Knox / Timothy ParkerCANAL_CARHOPS(99%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-08-31]
up2005-10-032005-10-0315x15BOUNTIFULBy Ron Halverson / Timothy ParkerASTI_APING(100%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-12-21]
up2005-10-042005-10-0415x15ROLLER COASTER RIDEBy Andy Craft / Timothy ParkerEBB_ERIE(96%) By Jim Page [up1999-07-21]
up2005-10-052005-10-0515x15WOE IS MEBy Everette Hastings / Timothy ParkerGANG_GAT(91%) By Charles B. Slack [usa2003-06-11]
up2005-10-082005-10-0815x15LEAD-INSBy J.R. Richardson / Timothy ParkerOVID_OCTAL(92%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-11-26]
up2005-10-112005-10-1115x15NUMBERS GAMEBy Lucas Breme / Timothy ParkerSACS_SOTS(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-11-27]
up2005-10-132005-10-1315x15POTATO OVERLOADBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerLAST_LUCE(77%) By Thomas W. Schier [up1999-10-15]
up2005-10-142005-10-1415x15POWER TO THE PEOPLEBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerSCAB_SHAPES(100%) By Holden Baker [up1999-05-22]
up2005-10-162005-10-1615x15FOLLOW THIS ROADBy Zinny Feapher / Timothy ParkerAFAR_ACRES(100%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2004-06-23]
up2005-10-172005-10-1715x15CARD CATALOGBy Lucas Breme / Timothy ParkerHIDE_HIKED(93%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2003-11-11]
up2005-10-182005-10-1815x15INTOXICATINGBy Otis Kennimen / Timothy ParkerSPAR_SMUT(83%) By Joseph Mantell [up2000-05-06]
up2005-10-192005-10-1915x15OUT TO SEABy Asia Pool / Timothy ParkerBOHR_BATHS(93%) By Edward C. Williams [up2000-11-21]
up2005-10-202005-10-2015x15ROYAL LINEBy Liza Crumm / Timothy ParkerNASA_NEWT(91%) By Holden Baker [up2001-01-15]
up2005-10-212005-10-2115x15FADING AWAYBy Timothy Manheim / Timothy ParkerROSS_RABBI(89%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-01-27]
up2005-10-222005-10-2215x15FATHER KNOWS BESTBy Zinny Feapher / Timothy ParkerAPOP_ABODES(87%) By Thomas W. Schier [up1999-06-20]
up2005-10-232005-10-2315x15WHAT'S THE RUSH?By Caine Allison / Timothy ParkerRASP_RIDER(62%) By Thomas W. Schier [up1999-12-19]
up2005-10-242005-10-2415x15FOWL LANGUAGEBy Dawn Dane / Timothy ParkerBIOTA_BUDS(100%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-03-25]
up2005-10-252005-10-2515x15CORRECT!By Kevin Narrows / Timothy ParkerISPS_ITCH(95%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-04-30]
up2005-10-272005-10-2715x15TIGHT SLACKSBy Liza Crumm / Timothy ParkerGABS_GRID(79%) By Barbara Olson [up2001-12-15]
up2005-10-282005-10-2815x15ROCK AND ROLLBy Kevin Narrows / Timothy ParkerBAMBI_BORK(97%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-01-31]
up2005-10-292005-10-2915x15SEE YOU LATERBy Otis Kenneman / Timothy ParkerLAVA_LAB(86%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-10-13]
up2005-10-312005-10-3115x15CANINE TO FIVEBy Zinny Feapher / Timothy ParkerACHE_ATEE(80%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-08-19]
(81%) By Elaine Burhardt [up2005-09-21]
up2005-11-012005-11-0115x15WHERE IT SHOULD BEBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerKEMP_KEPT(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-01-24]
up2005-11-022005-11-0215x15SHAPE UPBy Cleo Ruff / Timothy ParkerBLOC_BRAN(32%) by S.N., edited by Stanley Newman [nw2001-05-23]
(32%) by S.N., edited by Stanley Newman [nw2001-05-23]
(90%) By Ed Early [up2000-09-22]
(28%) By Barry C. Silk [up2003-07-27]
up2005-11-032005-11-0315x15TOO WISE FOR YOU?By Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerSHED_SPED(100%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2003-06-17]
up2005-11-042005-11-0415x15FIVE AND DIMESBy Roland Myers / Timothy ParkerDENTAL_DECADE(97%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-04-04]
up2005-11-052005-11-0515x15WHITE BLANKETBy Dawn Dane / Timothy ParkerSOYA_SOIREES(98%) By Jim Page [up1999-10-24]
up2005-11-072005-11-0715x15CURRENCY CONVERSIONSBy Ron Halverson / Tim ParkerCAGEY_CASE(95%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-08-17]
up2005-11-092005-11-0915x15TIE COLLECTIONBy Liza Crumm / Timothy ParkerSELF_STOP(100%) By Holden Baker [up2000-12-11]
up2005-11-102005-11-1015x15COMPELLINGBy Sherman Johns / Timothy ParkerFLAPS_FSTOP(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-21]
up2005-11-112005-11-1115x15FLAP HAPPYBy Zinny Zeapher / Timothy ParkerSTRIP_SOFA(81%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-07-05]
up2005-11-122005-11-1215x15SAYING IT LOUDBy Andy Pinner / Timothy ParkerBUSH_BISTRO(94%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-09-19]
up2005-11-132005-11-1315x15PESSIMIST'S REPLIESBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerICKY_INCH(82%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2000-07-11]
up2005-11-142005-11-1415x15TAKE A LOAD OFFBy Kyle Lamorsi / Timothy ParkerDELTA_DAB(91%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2000-06-19]
(25%) By Charles Preston [usa1999-04-01]
up2005-11-152005-11-1515x15NOW I LAY ME DOWN ...By John Sherwood / Timothy ParkerLEAS_LIMA(92%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2000-09-11]
(92%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-06-05]
up2005-11-162005-11-1615x15WISHY WASHYBy Asia Pearl / Timothy ParkerSAUNA_SAFE(93%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2001-01-07]
up2005-11-182005-11-1815x15ICE CREAM MANBy Arnold Hemley / Timothy ParkerBALI_BART(94%) By John Underwood [up2000-10-03]
up2005-11-192005-11-1915x15AUTO PARTSBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerMAST_MIFFS(80%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2000-12-08]
up2005-11-202005-11-2015x15CHEEP MEN?By Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerIDEE_IMMUNE(89%) By Diane Epperson [up2000-08-24]
up2005-11-212005-11-2115x15TOOL BELTBy Gayle Dean / Timothy ParkerHAVOC_HABIT(100%) By Gayle Dean [up2000-07-29]
up2005-11-222005-11-2215x15THINK ABOUT ITBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerHAS_HABEAS(97%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-06-12]
up2005-11-232005-11-2315x15SITTING PRETTYBy Kyle Lamorsi / Timothy ParkerSIBS_SHAH(95%) By Leonard Williams [up2000-04-11]
up2005-11-252005-11-2515x15DECOYSBy Roger Coburn / Timothy ParkerOPERA_OCT(95%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-05-09]
up2005-11-262005-11-2615x15THE LAST ROWBy Arnold Hemley / Timothy ParkerTROT_THESE(94%) By James R. Richardson [up1999-08-26]
up2005-11-272005-11-2715x15FOREST SERVICEBy Julie Connelly / Timothy ParkerTAPS_TACO(94%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2000-10-10]
up2005-11-292005-11-2915x15PROMISING PAYMENTBy Amy Archer / Timothy ParkerTANG_TAR(95%) By Holden Baker [up1999-07-28]
up2005-11-302005-11-3015x15REVERSALSBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerOPENS_OATER(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-14]
up2005-12-012005-12-0115x15IT'S MAGICALBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerOLGA_OHM(94%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-07-14]
up2005-12-022005-12-0215x15HAND IT OVERBy Simon Peters / Timothy ParkerINDIA_ILKS(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-05-22]
up2005-12-032005-12-0315x15GOING MY WAY?By Roger Coburn / Timothy ParkerREMAP_ROTO(95%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-11-04]
up2005-12-042005-12-0415x15STRANGE CALENDARBy Andy Pinner / Timothy ParkerMASTS_MTM(100%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-08-17]
up2005-12-052005-12-0515x15NICE RIDEBy Emily Chance / Timothy ParkerSLID_SPATS(100%) By Jim Page [up1999-12-29]
up2005-12-072005-12-0715x15DROP ITBy Seth Miller / Timothy ParkerJAMB_JEFF(30%) By Ed Early [lat2000-06-07]
(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-03-13]
up2005-12-082005-12-0815x15TIMES TWOBy Amy Archer / Timothy ParkerFRAY_FLANGE(80%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-08-26]
up2005-12-092005-12-0915x15PLACE TO RESTBy Andy Pinner / Timothy ParkerALMS_ALL(100%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-04-19]
up2005-12-102005-12-1015x15METAL DETECTORBy Liza Crumm / Timothy ParkerALMOST_AGES(91%) By Tony Mupo [up1999-09-23]
up2005-12-112005-12-1115x15TO AND FROBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerARAB_ALB(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-05-24]
up2005-12-122005-12-1215x15LEADERS IN THE REARBy Arnold Hemley / Timothy ParkerSTALK_SRI(82%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-03-23]
up2005-12-132005-12-1315x15HERE AND THEREBy Vivian O. Collins / Timothy ParkerTWAS_THAT(99%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2000-04-09]
up2005-12-142005-12-1415x15APPLYING MAKEUPBy Emily Chance / Timothy ParkerLISP_LIBYA(87%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-03-29]
up2005-12-152005-12-1515x15THIS ISN'T KANSAS!By Cathy Kline / Timothy ParkerGALA_GAL(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-04-25]
up2005-12-162005-12-1615x15No TitleBy Unknown / Timothy ParkerAFRO_ABBA(100%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2000-06-24]
up2005-12-172005-12-1715x15ONE YEAR LESSBy J.R. Richardson / Timothy ParkerSCAMP_SAC(100%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-03-18]
up2005-12-182005-12-1815x15YOU CALLED?By Andy Pinner / Timothy ParkerHISS_HIPPO(94%) By James E. Buell [up2000-09-14]
up2005-12-192005-12-1915x15PATHWAY TO FUNBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerMESA_MAUL(96%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-07-17]
up2005-12-212005-12-2115x15COLOR MY WORLDBy Asia Pearl / Timothy ParkerNETS_NASA(99%) By A.J. Santora [up2000-11-20]
(56%) By A. J. Santora [usa2003-02-20]
up2005-12-222005-12-2215x15HAND IT OVERBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerTSARS_TUFA(100%) By Don West [up2001-07-27]
up2005-12-262005-12-2615x15NAME NAMESBy Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerSPUD_SCRAM(92%) By Alex Cole [up2005-09-15]
up2005-12-282005-12-2815x15CROSS-WORD PUZZLEBy Ron Halverson / Timothy ParkerSAWED_SMOG(100%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-06-07]
up2005-12-292005-12-2915x15ON BROADWAYBy Seth Miller / Timothy ParkerAMEN_ARCH(46%) ??? [ch2000-05-01]
(90%) By Robert Gensler [up2000-09-15]
up2005-12-302005-12-3015x15LOVE IS IN THE AIRBy Cathy Kline / Timothy ParkerSPEC_SHAH(96%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2000-11-10]

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