Universal uClick, 2006

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2006xdidDateSizeTitleAuthorEditorCopyright1Across_1DownSimilar Previous Grids
up2006-01-012006-01-0115x15TURN, TURN, TURNBy Emily Chance / Timothy ParkerCRAG_CRUST(94%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-11-17]
up2006-01-022006-01-0215x15BILLS, BILLS, BILLSBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerLIRA_LEWD(82%) By Holden Baker [up1999-05-07]
up2006-01-032006-01-0315x15BREAK DANCINGBy Cornelius West / Timothy ParkerELLS_EBBS(96%) By James E. Buell [up2000-12-18]
up2006-01-042006-01-0415x15SPOT CHECKBy George King / Timothy ParkerOPTS_ORAL(94%) By Ed Early [up2000-12-20]
up2006-01-052006-01-0515x15BUG ALERT!By Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerSLAB_SARA(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-08-14]
up2006-01-062006-01-0615x15ORAL TESTBy Asia Pearl / Timothy ParkerNAGS_NASA(95%) By Ed Early [up2000-09-30]
up2006-01-072006-01-0715x15BUILD UPBy Andy Pinner / Timothy ParkerCAMPS_COPT(100%) By Jay Sullivan [up2000-08-18]
up2006-01-082006-01-0815x15SURFACE MATERIALBy Arnold Hemley / Timothy ParkerMIST_MASCOT(76%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-11-05]
up2006-01-092006-01-0915x15THE LAST WORDBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerMOVE_MAD(96%) By Holden Baker [up2000-11-06]
up2006-01-102006-01-1015x15GOING BOWLINGBy Lance Tressel / Timothy ParkerFEDUP_FLOE(88%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-01-30]
up2006-01-112006-01-1115x15SHOOTING RANGEBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerGRASP_GOB(74%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-07-31]
up2006-01-122006-01-1215x15EITHER ORBy Seth Miller / Timothy ParkerELBA_EZRA(90%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2000-08-01]
up2006-01-132006-01-1315x15PLAYING DOCTORBy Arnold Hemley / Timothy ParkerTATI_TAUPE(95%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-10-01]
up2006-01-142006-01-1415x15ALMOST LUCKYBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerBAGEL_BARK(90%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-07-19]
up2006-01-172006-01-1715x15TABLE FOR TWOBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerPALER_PACES(98%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-05-02]
up2006-01-182006-01-1815x15BUGS!By Cathy Kline / Timothy ParkerSEMI_SCION(100%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-12-28]
up2006-01-192006-01-1915x15REARING TO GOBy Asia Pearl / Timothy ParkerHEMI_HEME(92%) By Leonard Williams [up2000-09-12]
up2006-01-202006-01-2015x15ALL FOR...By Lance Tressel / Timothy ParkerSEPIA_SEDER(74%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-10-22]
up2006-01-222006-01-2215x15SNACK HAPPYBy Lavith Porter / Timothy ParkerASSAI_ANTS(84%) By Patrick McConville [up2000-12-16]
up2006-01-232006-01-2315x15LIFE'S LITTLE MYSTERYBy Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerASH_ARIL(89%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-03-27]
up2006-01-242006-01-2415x15SOLID!By Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerSLADE_SHES(76%) By Frances Hansen [up2000-09-06]
up2006-01-252006-01-2515x15RUNNING A 2KBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerBERGS_BAKE(85%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-12-01]
up2006-01-262006-01-2615x15RHYME TIMEBy Esser Elway / Timothy ParkerCRUD_CREPT(89%) By Ed Early [up2000-11-03]
up2006-01-272006-01-2715x15FILL 'ER UPBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerLOFTS_LISP(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-11-16]
up2006-01-282006-01-2815x15ARE YOU SURE?By Cathy Kline / Timothy ParkerTAGS_TWYLA(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-05-16]
up2006-01-302006-01-3015x15SLAMMED!By Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerSASH_SALTS(100%) By Praveen Goday [up2000-10-17]
up2006-01-312006-01-3115x15LOOKING GOODBy Cornelius West / Timothy ParkerSLAP_SMITH(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-02-07]
up2006-02-012006-02-0115x15PC FILMSBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerCANI_CELEB(97%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-10-29]
up2006-02-022006-02-0215x15VEGAN'S PLATEBy Esser Elway / Timothy ParkerBAL_BED(99%) By Don West [up2001-03-11]
up2006-02-032006-02-0315x15CRASH DUMMYBy Luscious Smith / Timothy ParkerSLUR_STAFF(91%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2000-12-08]
(80%) By Isaiah Burke / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-19]
up2006-02-052006-02-0515x15QUACK UPBy Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy ParkerDALI_DADO(78%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-07-09]
up2006-02-062006-02-0615x15HARDLY WINNINGBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerARTS_AMOS(95%) By James E. Buell [up2000-12-10]
up2006-02-072006-02-0715x15DRASTIC IMPROVEMENTSBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerMASTS_MEGA(91%) By Ron Halverson [up2001-10-18]
up2006-02-082006-02-0815x15INTRODUCING ...By Lavith Porter / Timothy ParkerCOMB_CASH(78%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-01-29]
up2006-02-092006-02-0915x15LOOSENS ONE'S BELT?By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSAGA_SAPS(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-01-16]
up2006-02-102006-02-1015x15FACE THE NATIONBy E.C. Williams / Timothy ParkerTAMP_TOGS(84%) By E.C. Williams [up2000-11-07]
up2006-02-112006-02-1115x15GOING BOTH WAYSBy Gayle Dean / Timothy ParkerCODE_CASH(97%) By Gayle Dean [up2001-02-22]
up2006-02-132006-02-1315x15LACTOSE TOLERANTBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerMAME_MACAW(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-12-26]
up2006-02-142006-02-1415x15ANTI-VALENTINESBy Esser Elway / Timothy ParkerHORN_HOOHA(97%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-13]
up2006-02-152006-02-1515x15NUMBERS GAMEBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerONCE_OPTS(88%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-11-27]
(86%) By Lucas Breme / Timothy Parker [up2005-10-11]
up2006-02-162006-02-1615x15DOUBLE YOUR FUNBy Amy Kuffman / Timothy ParkerBACK_BATT(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-03-02]
up2006-02-172006-02-1715x15UP FOR DEBATEBy Kitt Slingles / Timothy ParkerPAC_POPE(99%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-01-02]
up2006-02-182006-02-1815x15THE GAME IS AFOOTBy Esser Elway / Timothy ParkerRIMS_ROSS(95%) By Stephen Windheim [up2001-01-21]
up2006-02-202006-02-2015x15ON THE WATCHBy Kevin Narrows / Timothy ParkerSTEP_SEEDS(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-10-12]
up2006-02-212006-02-2115x15MEASURING STICKBy Jack Humpback / Timothy ParkerLABS_LAMB(99%) By Marjorie Berg [up2000-12-13]
up2006-02-222006-02-2215x15OF COURSEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLIMES_LABS(99%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-08]
up2006-02-232006-02-2315x15CAST ITBy Kay Puttnam / Timothy ParkerABBOT_ASAP(87%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2001-01-30]
up2006-02-252006-02-2515x15BEST AND WORST OF CLASSBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerRASH_REVS(93%) By Bernice Gordon [up1999-11-10]
up2006-02-262006-02-2615x15SWEET!By Kitt Slingles / Timothy ParkerANJOU_ALAR(96%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-08-28]
up2006-02-272006-02-2715x15HEY, BATTER BATTER!By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerAFAR_ASH(91%) By Carol Lachance [up2001-01-12]
up2006-02-282006-02-2815x15FLYING HIGHBy Kevin Narrows / Timothy ParkerDRAT_DROSS(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-01-25]
up2006-03-022006-03-0215x15WASH ASHOREBy Ed Early / Timothy ParkerPALS_PECK(99%) By Ed Early [up2001-09-20]
up2006-03-032006-03-0315x15IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENTBy Kelly Johnson / Timothy ParkerDOOR_DATA(92%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-02]
up2006-03-042006-03-0415x15PLANET EARTHBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerSKI_STOMP(95%) By M. Preston Sherwood [up2001-04-03]
up2006-03-052006-03-0515x15ARE YOU PSYCHIC?By James Richardson / Timothy ParkerACCT_AMFM(100%) By James R. Richardson [up2001-03-14]
up2006-03-062006-03-0615x15FROM TIME TO TIMEBy Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerBASH_BEER(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-04-10]
up2006-03-072006-03-0715x1560 MINUTESBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerREED_RASCAL(86%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-03-08]
up2006-03-082006-03-0815x15DEAL!By Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerRAP_RIGOR(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-07-15]
up2006-03-092006-03-0915x153.14159 FOR STARTERSBy Kelly Johnson / Timothy ParkerLINED_LAPIS(97%) By Holden Baker [up2001-11-28]
up2006-03-102006-03-1015x15USE YOUR HEADBy Kay Puttnam / Timothy ParkerSLAV_STOW(90%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2001-01-04]
up2006-03-112006-03-1115x15WE'RE ALL HEREBy Cassie Hearndon / Timothy ParkerGOURD_GAS(100%) By Sarah Keller [up2001-09-18]
up2006-03-122006-03-1215x15CALL OF THE WILDBy Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerCALI_CACHE(97%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-03-05]
up2006-03-132006-03-1315x15UNCLEAN!By Paul Ambrose / Timothy ParkerGAMBA_GIFTS(98%) By James E. Buell [up2001-04-29]
up2006-03-142006-03-1415x15BODY PARTSBy Kitt Slingles / Timothy ParkerTOFU_TESS(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-03-06]
up2006-03-162006-03-1615x15COUNT UPBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerAGA_APLOMB(93%) By Don West [up2001-03-31]
up2006-03-172006-03-1715x15SUBSTITUTESBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerCORE_COSEC(95%) By James E. Buell [up2001-01-19]
up2006-03-182006-03-1815x15ANIMAL HEADSBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerHENS_HAGS(71%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-02-19]
up2006-03-222006-03-2215x15THAT'S ODDBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerMORE_MAORI(94%) By James E. Buell [up2001-08-16]
up2006-03-232006-03-2315x15PLAYING TENNISBy Cassie Hearndon / Timothy ParkerFORK_FIACRE(82%) By Diane Epperson [up2000-07-24]
up2006-03-252006-03-2515x15SHAPE UPBy Kelly Johnson / Timothy ParkerUMPS_URSA(61%) ??? [ch1997-06-25]
(84%) By Robert Gensler [up2001-02-25]
up2006-03-262006-03-2615x15FAT LADY'S DOMAINBy Paul Ambrose / Timothy ParkerBLAST_BLOCS(92%) By Joseph Mantell [up2001-09-15]
up2006-03-272006-03-2715x15BUTCHER SHOPBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerBEAR_BOGGS(89%) By Andrew Waters [up2001-01-18]
up2006-03-292006-03-2915x15IIIIBy Kelly Johnson / Timothy ParkerLAIC_LARI(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-02-04]
up2006-03-302006-03-3015x15SPEAK UPBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMECCA_MSC(85%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-05-08]
up2006-03-312006-03-3115x15PLAY BALLBy Cassie Hearndon / Timothy ParkerTRET_TYPE(92%) By Ed Early [up2000-06-29]
up2006-04-022006-04-0215x15SILLY SAYINGSBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerCAPEK_CAD(85%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-05-04]
up2006-04-032006-04-0315x15FLEET MEETBy Avery Rice / Timothy ParkerHALT_HAHA(98%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-03-26]
up2006-04-042006-04-0415x15AT WHAT LENGTH?By Edward Kelly / Timothy ParkerDATA_DTS(87%) By William D. Pontius [up2001-01-03]
up2006-04-052006-04-0515x15MADE IN THE SHADEBy Gil Holley / Timothy ParkerCAPER_CASA(92%) By Holden Baker [up2001-05-05]
up2006-04-062006-04-0615x15DEMOLITION DERBYBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerLAIR_LACK(95%) By Ed Early [up2001-04-04]
up2006-04-072006-04-0715x15IRON BUTTBy Cassie Hearndon / Timothy ParkerGETS_GOSH(91%) By M. Preston Sherwood [up2001-02-18]
up2006-04-092006-04-0915x15WHERE ARE WE?By Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerTAPPA_TALL(89%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2001-04-20]
up2006-04-102006-04-1015x15FIRE AWAYBy Avery Rice / Timothy ParkerJIM_JASPER(72%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-09-01]
up2006-04-112006-04-1115x15PALACE MATERIALBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSETH_SAWS(83%) By Holden Baker [up2001-01-15]
(88%) By Liza Crumm / Timothy Parker [up2005-10-20]
up2006-04-152006-04-1515x15STARS ON PARADEBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerGNAT_GRIP(93%) By James E.Buell [up2001-04-02]
up2006-04-162006-04-1615x15NO BONES ABOUT ITBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerBEFOG_BABAS(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-04-16]
up2006-04-172006-04-1715x15FRUIT CUPBy Donald L. Blocher / Timothy ParkerALES_ALPS(99%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-04-13]
(99%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-06-10]
up2006-04-222006-04-2215x15ORAL EXAMBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerLIMO_LASS(29%) By Ed Early [up2000-09-30]
(29%) By Asia Pearl / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-06]
up2006-04-232006-04-2315x15AM I BLUE?By Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy ParkerACTED_ATBATS(83%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-04-28]
up2006-04-252006-04-2515x15COM-PASS SOME TIMEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerICES_IONS(92%) By Lavith Porter / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-16]
up2006-05-012006-05-0115x15SPARE A QUARTER?By Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerAHAT_ACTS(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-05-07]
up2006-05-022006-05-0215x15WE'RE ROLLINGBy Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy ParkerBERG_BUSTED(82%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-05-27]
up2006-05-032006-05-0315x15ROUGH AND READYBy J.R. Richardson / Timothy ParkerVASE_VESTA(96%) By James R. Richardson [up2001-02-17]
up2006-05-062006-05-0615x15DING-DONGBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerPUMA_PAP(96%) By Ed Early [up2001-07-03]
up2006-05-072006-05-0715x15CURVACEOUSBy George Campfield / Timothy ParkerLAGS_LORD(99%) By James E. Buell [up2001-07-05]
up2006-05-082006-05-0815x15INCREDIBLE!By James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerMAL_MOTHS(99%) By James E. Buell [up2001-06-26]
up2006-05-092006-05-0915x15CON GAMESBy Avery Rice / Timothy ParkerBOARD_BETS(100%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-02-11]
up2006-05-102006-05-1015x15LATIN LOVERBy Amy Greene / Timothy ParkerDIAN_DELI(100%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-09-04]
up2006-05-112006-05-1115x15YOUNG AT HEARTBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSAGO_STEPS(99%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-10-28]
up2006-05-122006-05-1215x15BYE-BYEBy Kamy Shore / Timothy ParkerSTP_SEALED(92%) By James E. Buell [up2001-07-08]
up2006-05-132006-05-1315x15COME ON DOWNBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerANNO_ABLE(99%) By Ed Early [up2001-07-11]
up2006-05-142006-05-1415x15HAVE A SEATBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerSAVEME_SAC(99%) By James E. Buell [up2001-06-13]
up2006-05-152006-05-1515x15IN HOT WATERBy Amy Greene / Timothy ParkerTUBAS_TAU(96%) By Donald West [up2001-06-02]
up2006-05-162006-05-1615x15FLOOREDBy Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerDOCKS_DIETS(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-25]
up2006-05-172006-05-1715x15U-TURNBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerNUBIA_NEST(77%) By Joseph Mantell [up2001-06-09]
up2006-05-182006-05-1815x15NO END IN SIGHTBy Travis Holt / Timothy ParkerMUSH_MAE(87%) By Joseph Mantell [up2001-06-28]
up2006-05-192006-05-1915x15JACK OF ALL TRADESBy Avery Rice / Timothy ParkerYUCCA_YALTA(97%) By Mark Zibilich [up2001-05-12]
up2006-05-202006-05-2015x15BRAVING THE ELEMENTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCAFE_CEDE(100%) By Nelson Hardy [lat2000-10-19]
(100%) By Dave & Diane Epperson [up2000-08-29]
up2006-05-212006-05-2115x15LETTER PERFECTBy Praveen Goday / Timothy ParkerRARER_RAFT(98%) By Praveen Goday [up2001-08-10]
up2006-05-222006-05-2215x15HUH?By Cassie Hearndon / Timothy ParkerBRIGS_BABE(95%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2000-08-23]
up2006-05-232006-05-2315x15TAKE A TIP FROM MEBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerAGRA_ACME(98%) By James E. Buell [up2001-08-21]
up2006-05-242006-05-2415x15GET MOVING!By Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerSEATS_SEMIS(95%) By James E. Buell [up2001-10-11]
up2006-05-252006-05-2515x15HOW DO YOU HUE?By Shay Wise / Timothy ParkerABLE_ADORNS(31%) Shannon Burns [nyt1997-03-06]
(91%) By Mary Jung [up2001-08-11]
(91%) By Mary Jung [up2001-10-05]
up2006-05-262006-05-2615x15MUSIC LESSONBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerTEAM_TONGA(91%) By Jay Sullivan [up2001-06-12]
up2006-05-272006-05-2715x15FUN AND GAMESBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerGROVE_GRASS(88%) By Holden Baker [up2001-07-09]
up2006-05-282006-05-2815x15CLASSIC LADIESBy Kamy Shore / Timothy ParkerTHUS_TRACT(85%) By Ben Ostrowsky [up2001-05-11]
up2006-05-302006-05-3015x15ON CUE?By James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerETCH_ELAND(94%) By James E. Buell [up2001-07-01]
up2006-05-312006-05-3115x15DAYS OF SUMMERBy Shay Wise / Timothy ParkerPAPAL_PAP(92%) By Ed Early [up2001-06-30]
up2006-06-012006-06-0115x15TOURIST GUIDEBy Harold Bentley / Timothy ParkerBLOB_BEGS(90%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2001-07-02]
up2006-06-032006-06-0315x15CHECK IT OUTBy Ruth Keller / Timothy ParkerMATE_MAR(98%) By James E. Buell [up2001-06-18]
up2006-06-042006-06-0415x15WALK ON BYBy Donald L. Blocher / Timothy ParkerARARAT_ARMS(100%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-08-19]
up2006-06-052006-06-0515x15SOLID AS A ROCKBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerARCS_ASAP(100%) By James E. Buell [up2001-07-20]
up2006-06-062006-06-0615x15PETTY BEGINNINGSBy Ruth Keller / Timothy ParkerFDR_FOCAL(94%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-07-28]
up2006-06-072006-06-0715x15ALL THE MAKINGSBy Alex Rich / Timothy ParkerOAFS_OCCUR(89%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-07-19]
up2006-06-082006-06-0815x15DANCE FOR MEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBUSTS_BIGTOP(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-06-25]
up2006-06-092006-06-0915x15POOR MAN, RICH MANBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerRAGE_RAFFLE(99%) By Ed Early [up2001-07-23]
up2006-06-102006-06-1015x15BAD WEATHERBy Harold Bentley / Timothy ParkerSLANG_SOOTHE(95%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-07-21]
up2006-06-112006-06-1115x15TEMPER, TEMPERBy Marcus Candley / Timothy ParkerBACH_BROWSE(100%) By Nick Grivas [up2001-07-26]
up2006-06-122006-06-1215x15SOFT SOAPBy Georgia Flavin / Timothy ParkerHIRES_HEAVES(25%) Margaret Leggett [nyt1976-11-15]
up2006-06-132006-06-1315x15TAKEN TO THE CLEANERSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSAVAGE_SILO(93%) By Marjorie Berg [up2001-08-14]
up2006-06-142006-06-1415x15MARCH ONBy Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerPSST_PAW(94%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2001-03-21]
up2006-06-152006-06-1515x15MATERNAL INSTINCTSBy JoLene Andrews / Timothy ParkerARGO_ADAMS(98%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2001-05-13]
up2006-06-162006-06-1615x15UNSEASONABLY WARMBy James Avery / Timothy ParkerHAFT_HOHUM(89%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-08-02]
up2006-06-172006-06-1715x15THREE IN A ROWBy Kamy Shore / Timothy ParkerBAAS_BAST(94%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-07-22]
up2006-06-182006-06-1815x15SALUTEBy April Daye / Timothy ParkerRANK_ROTC(100%) By Alan Olschwang [up2001-05-18]
up2006-06-192006-06-1915x15FOWL BALLBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMALA_MACHU(86%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-08-23]
up2006-06-202006-06-2015x15EXECUTIVE PRODUCERBy Isaiah Burke / Timothy ParkerLEER_LUCAS(27%) Gayle Dean [atc2001-04-20]
(27%) [atc2003-04-06]
(27%) [atc2005-07-22]
(41%) ??? [ch1996-07-12]
(94%) By Robert Gensler [up2001-08-15]
up2006-06-212006-06-2115x15ANIMALS, FRONT AND BACKBy Edmond Rice / Timothy ParkerSETH_SAWN(96%) By Ben Ostrowsky [up2001-08-25]
up2006-06-222006-06-2215x15TAKE THE PLUNGEBy Alan Olschwang / Timothy ParkerAESOP_ADDS(95%) By Alan Olschwang [up2001-06-08]
up2006-06-232006-06-2315x15ACROSS THE PONDBy Kane Wesley / Timothy ParkerEVES_EPIC(96%) By Holden Baker [up2001-08-07]
up2006-06-242006-06-2415x15SCHOOL'S OUTBy JoLene Andrews / Timothy ParkerAPSE_ABC(94%) By Mark P. Sherwood [up2001-06-15]
up2006-06-252006-06-2515x15'I'M KNOWN FOR PUZZLESBy Gayle Dean / Timothy ParkerFRETS_FEMME(93%) By Gayle Dean [up2001-08-08]
up2006-06-262006-06-2615x15STAPLEDBy Kenneth Drury / Timothy ParkerDIRT_DITCH(100%) By Andrew Waters [up2001-08-27]
up2006-06-272006-06-2715x15TOSSED ABOUTBy Kay Puttnam / Timothy ParkerFERRIS_FAWN(92%) By Ed Early [up2001-09-30]
up2006-06-282006-06-2815x15TREMOR ALERTBy Kamy Shore / Timothy ParkerMESA_MEMO(96%) [up2001-09-03]
up2006-06-292006-06-2915x15FROM STATE TO STATEBy April Daye / Timothy ParkerPRODS_PRISON(85%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-05-16]
up2006-06-302006-06-3015x15ABOVE IT ALLBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerPEGS_POMADE(88%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-05-09]
up2006-07-022006-07-0215x15MINUTE BY MINUTEBy JoLene Andrews / Timothy ParkerZETA_ZEAL(87%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-09-16]
up2006-07-032006-07-0315x15EXTRACTING DATABy George Keller / Timothy ParkerROGET_RATA(89%) By Ed Early [up2001-09-02]
up2006-07-042006-07-0415x15WHAT THEY DOBy Kane Wesley / Timothy ParkerDYES_DECA(86%) By Ed Early [up2001-09-20]
(87%) By Ed Early / Timothy Parker [up2006-03-02]
up2006-07-052006-07-0515x15BREW CREWBy Thomas Hollingsworth / Timothy ParkerBEGS_BLOC(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2001-08-30]
up2006-07-062006-07-0615x15SIGN OF THE TIMESBy Mark Milhet / Timothy ParkerASSN_AIDE(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2001-09-28]
up2006-07-072006-07-0715x15LET'S HAVE SOME PUNBy Edmond Rice / Timothy ParkerASHY_ALGA(64%) By Ed Early [up2001-05-31]
(88%) By Ed Early [up2001-09-08]
up2006-07-082006-07-0815x15HANDY MATTERSBy George King / Timothy ParkerLEACH_LEGO(97%) By James E. Buell [up2001-09-12]
up2006-07-092006-07-0915x15TIMES SQUAREBy April Daye / Timothy ParkerANGUS_ALSO(92%) By Don West [up2001-09-09]
up2006-07-102006-07-1015x15PART-TIMERSBy Kane Wesley / Timothy ParkerASSES_ACME(91%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-09-19]
up2006-07-112006-07-1115x15VEGGIE'S DELIGHTBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerCARTE_COPRA(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-09-10]
up2006-07-122006-07-1215x15CARPENTER'S HELPERSBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerWAFTS_WHOS(93%) By E.c. Williams [up2001-08-29]
(93%) By E.c. Williams [up2001-12-05]
up2006-07-132006-07-1315x15AREN'T YOU SWEET?By Thomas Hollingsworth / Timothy ParkerTAPAS_TAPER(99%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2001-08-28]
up2006-07-142006-07-1415x15THE WORKSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSLAM_SLOP(96%) By Don West [up2001-08-24]
up2006-07-152006-07-1515x15BATTYBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerCROC_CHORD(95%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-10-24]
up2006-07-172006-07-1715x15LAUNDRY DAYBy Alicia Sweet / Timothy ParkerIMPS_ISMS(34%) ??? [ch1997-03-28]
(95%) By Robert Gensler [up2001-10-04]
up2006-07-182006-07-1815x15TAKE NOTESBy Kane Wesley / Timothy ParkerLAPSE_LUCID(94%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-05-12]
up2006-07-192006-07-1915x15GOING STAGBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerDORIS_DOVE(93%) By Dave Fisher [up2001-09-24]
up2006-07-202006-07-2015x15PASTORAL VISTABy Kelly Johnson / Timothy ParkerTROT_THAWED(92%) By Anne Garellick [up2001-09-25]
up2006-07-212006-07-2115x15TRAVEL IN STYLEBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerREP_ROOMER(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-09-22]
up2006-07-222006-07-2215x15MOVE TO THE BEATBy Wesley Kane / Timothy ParkerPAUL_PRIG(95%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-09-23]
up2006-07-232006-07-2315x15CREEPED OUTBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerBLAB_BLOC(94%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2001-09-01]
up2006-07-242006-07-2415x15GOING TO COURTBy Thomas Hollingsworth / Timothy ParkerMESA_MOPES(86%) By Diane Epperson [up2001-10-02]
up2006-07-252006-07-2515x15BRUSH ASIDEBy Alicia Sweet / Timothy ParkerBOAR_BAWL(96%) By Ed Early [up2001-10-08]
up2006-07-262006-07-2615x15SPOOKED!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerHADJ_HEMP(89%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-10-30]
up2006-07-272006-07-2715x15WINDOW DISPLAYBy Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy ParkerONEPM_ODESSA(100%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-10-26]
up2006-07-282006-07-2815x15NOT SO FASTBy George Wesley / Timothy ParkerAMTS_AWOL(85%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-10-09]
up2006-07-302006-07-3015x15DOESN'T ADD UPBy Kacie Eller / Timothy ParkerBOCA_BEATIT(83%) By Joel Kaplow [up2001-10-06]
up2006-07-312006-07-3115x15MAKE UP YOUR MINDBy Sarah Keller / Timothy ParkerBASIN_BASES(100%) By Sarah Keller [up2001-12-28]
up2006-08-012006-08-0115x15ALL THE RIGHT ANGLESBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerDEALT_DARES(90%) By James E. Buell [up2001-10-22]
up2006-08-022006-08-0215x15FUN TIMEBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerSAMI_SATES(97%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-12-27]
up2006-08-032006-08-0315x15SELF-IMPROVEMENT VOWSBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerASPS_ADULTS(100%) By Ben Ostrowsky [up2001-12-31]
up2006-08-042006-08-0415x15A FORTUNATE PUZZLEBy Thomas Hollingsworth / Timothy ParkerSTE_SCHISM(92%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-10-15]
up2006-08-052006-08-0515x15IT'S ON YOUR SIDEBy Alicia Sweet / Timothy ParkerABET_ANTS(93%) By Ed Early [up2001-10-27]
up2006-08-062006-08-0615x15EAT FOR INDEPENDENCEBy Arthur Groom / Timothy ParkerGOES_GAROTTE(89%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-12-26]
(89%) By Lucia Cole [up2005-09-07]
up2006-08-072006-08-0715x15THE KETTLESBy Ginger Davis / Timothy ParkerRAMS_RAPT(93%) By Paula Gamache [up2001-12-01]
up2006-08-082006-08-0815x15BODY COUNTBy Major Davison / Timothy ParkerMOOS_MIFF(95%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2002-01-15]
up2006-08-122006-08-1215x15STRIKE A POSE!By Latisha Howe / Timothy ParkerOSAY_OCH(89%) By Michael R. Curl [up2002-01-30]
up2006-08-132006-08-1315x15MIRACULOUS CONVERSIONBy Arthur Groom / Timothy ParkerHAIKU_HOY(73%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-01-28]
up2006-08-152006-08-1515x15FROSTY RECEPTIONBy Irma Afram / Timothy ParkerRAID_ROCS(98%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2002-01-10]
up2006-08-162006-08-1615x15COURT APPOINTEDBy Thomas Hollingsworth / Timothy ParkerCALF_COLA(33%) ??? [ch1996-05-04]
(93%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-01-16]
up2006-08-172006-08-1715x15ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKBy Arthur Groom / Timothy ParkerOOPS_OOHS(96%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2002-01-29]
up2006-08-182006-08-1815x15ENTERTAIN MEBy Major Davison / Timothy ParkerSOAP_SATIN(93%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-01-18]
up2006-08-192006-08-1915x15POUND FOR POUNDBy Kacie Eller / Timothy ParkerJIDDA_JOBBED(91%) By Marjorie Berg [up2002-01-07]
up2006-08-212006-08-2115x15FLY HIGHBy Latisha Howe / Timothy ParkerABBE_ABBA(95%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-01-21]
up2006-08-232006-08-2315x15ABOVE AND BEYONDBy Kacie Keller / Timothy ParkerSTAFF_SHOE(95%) By Sarah Keller [up2002-02-28]
up2006-08-242006-08-2415x15CREATURES LARGE AND SMALLBy Al Downs / Timothy ParkerLUFT_LEEJ(93%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-02-04]
up2006-08-252006-08-2515x15COUNT YOUR CARDSBy Irma Afram / Timothy ParkerBOP_BAYS(91%) By Jay Sullivan [up2002-02-24]
up2006-08-272006-08-2715x15THE J'S HAVE ITBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerHERB_HADJ(94%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2002-02-26]
up2006-08-282006-08-2815x15I QUITBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSMUG_SPAT(100%) By Donald West [up2002-02-07]
up2006-08-292006-08-2915x15BOWLING FOR DOLLARSBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSPRY_SACS(89%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-02-05]
up2006-08-302006-08-3015x15TAKE THE LEAPBy Arthur Groom / Timothy ParkerTSAR_TESTS(90%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-02-11]
up2006-08-312006-08-3115x15IN SEASONBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerDEAD_DROSS(92%) By Jay Sullivan [up2002-02-13]
up2006-09-012006-09-0115x15GARDEN VARIETYBy Esser Elway / Timothy ParkerGAWKS_GILA(100%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-02-20]
up2006-09-022006-09-0215x15LET THE MUSIC PLAYBy Irma Afram / Timothy ParkerOHOS_OPERAND(94%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-02-12]
up2006-09-032006-09-0315x15LITERACY TESTBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerAAHS_ABACUS(92%) By Cathy Marker [up2002-03-28]
up2006-09-042006-09-0415x15ENGLISH TEACHERBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerDATA_DACHA(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-03-19]
up2006-09-052006-09-0515x15TIDY UP THE PLACEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerTALC_TAKEON(87%) By N.g. Becker [up2002-03-20]
up2006-09-062006-09-0615x15ROCK DRILLBy Kacie Eller / Timothy ParkerSODS_SAMBA(86%) By Stephen Windheim [up2002-03-08]
up2006-09-072006-09-0715x15SSSNAKE CHARMERBy Frida Greene / Timothy ParkerARENA_AND(94%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-03-27]
up2006-09-082006-09-0815x15REMOVE THE MIDDLE?By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSKEP_SCRAM(93%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2002-03-13]
up2006-09-092006-09-0915x15RESERVEDBy Al Downs / Timothy ParkerARENT_ACRE(88%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2002-03-29]
up2006-09-102006-09-1015x15WHERE IS THE U.S.A.?By Louis Kempler / Timothy ParkerBALLS_BAJA(97%) By Sam Bellotto Jr. [up2002-03-16]
up2006-09-112006-09-1115x15NOTHING IN THE MIDDLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerOGLE_OPEL(89%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2002-04-03]
up2006-09-122006-09-1215x15IN SHAPEBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerMASS_MOSS(93%) By N.g. Becker [up2002-03-15]
up2006-09-142006-09-1415x15ANTI ANTIBy Al Downs / Timothy ParkerAPSE_AMPLE(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-02]
up2006-09-152006-09-1515x15CAN YOU DIG IT?By Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerFLAIR_FCC(86%) By Ed Early [up2002-04-05]
up2006-09-172006-09-1715x15SEE WHAT ENSUESBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerAPED_ACTSO(82%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2002-04-04]
up2006-09-212006-09-2115x15STOPPING POINTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerERSE_EDICT(94%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2002-04-06]
up2006-09-242006-09-2415x15MIGHTY GREATBy Joseph Capri / Timothy ParkerSALE_SUMO(91%) By Ron Halverson [up2002-04-07]
up2006-09-252006-09-2515x15COUNTDOWNBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSLAB_SPOT(95%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2002-03-12]
up2006-09-272006-09-2715x15DO I FIT IN?By Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerCOBB_CAFES(89%) By James E. Buell [up2002-04-18]
up2006-09-282006-09-2815x15ACCIDENT-PRONEBy Morris Milwall / Timothy ParkerACRE_ASPIC(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-23]
up2006-09-292006-09-2915x15WORKING STRICTLY FOR PUNBy Ty Whit / Timothy ParkerGOAD_GALA(72%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-30]
up2006-09-302006-09-3015x15SHOW ME THE MONEYBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerDOFF_DAWG(81%) By James E. Buell [up2002-04-13]
up2006-10-012006-10-0115x15WINDOW SHOPPER?By Kathy Dername / Timothy ParkerMASTS_MST(33%) Patrick Jordan [nyt1997-04-21]
up2006-10-022006-10-0215x15WHITE GLOVESBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSUSHI_SASH(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-06-04]
up2006-10-042006-10-0415x15HISTORY OF VIOLENCEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerABASE_AMB(30%) F. Piscop [nyt1997-01-27]
up2006-10-052006-10-0515x15A LIMBER PUZZLEBy Happy Lane / Timothy ParkerOCTAL_OAFS(88%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-06-10]
up2006-10-062006-10-0615x15FOUR BUCKSBy Daniel Cooke / Timothy ParkerBRAS_BLOG(91%) By Alan Olschwang [up2002-06-11]
up2006-10-072006-10-0715x15HOLD MEBy Ty Whit / Timothy ParkerCLOG_CHIC(92%) By Jim Page [up2002-05-16]
up2006-10-082006-10-0815x15MONUMENTAL PUZZLEBy Joseph Capri / Timothy ParkerMOPEDS_MTGS(94%) By Ed Early [up2002-06-05]
up2006-10-092006-10-0915x15THAT'S FUNNYBy Morris Milwall / Timothy ParkerPLUM_PASS(85%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-05-28]
up2006-10-102006-10-1015x15PAGING MR. SCOT FREEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerFAB_FATWAS(91%) By James E.buell [up2002-06-03]
up2006-10-112006-10-1115x15LITTLE ONESBy Keith Obreck / Timothy ParkerCOLD_COPSE(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-05-15]
up2006-10-122006-10-1215x15GO ONBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSEAM_STAGE(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-06-13]
up2006-10-132006-10-1315x15SWEET DREAMSBy Ty Whit / Timothy ParkerASSES_ABASE(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-06-19]
up2006-10-152006-10-1515x15THREE P'S IN A PODBy Mariah Lucas / Timothy ParkerTSAR_TAPE(95%) By Ed Early [up2002-06-18]
up2006-10-162006-10-1615x15NO TIME TO WASTEBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerPAST_POTS(89%) By David Covill [up2002-06-23]
up2006-10-172006-10-1715x15BUTT OF COURSEBy Josh Lubane / Timothy ParkerEBBS_EFFS(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-08-05]
up2006-10-182006-10-1815x15COMBO MEALSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerOGLE_ORCA(32%) by Bill Ballard--Rich Norris 010709 [lat2001-07-09]
(87%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-07-03]
up2006-10-192006-10-1915x15READY TO RUNBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerODDS_OARS(94%) By Scot Ober [up2002-07-09]
up2006-10-202006-10-2015x15CON JOBSBy Kenneth Nelson / Timothy ParkerAWFUL_ASH(36%) ??? [ch2000-08-14]
(97%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-07-01]
up2006-10-212006-10-2115x15TAKE IT AWAYBy E.C. Williams / Timothy ParkerCHOP_CLOP(90%) By E.c. Williams [up2002-07-12]
up2006-10-222006-10-2215x15A FLAT SIGNBy Louis Canelworth / Timothy ParkerIAMB_ISM(93%) By Ed Early [up2002-06-30]
up2006-10-232006-10-2315x15WOOD YOU MIND?By Josh Lubane / Timothy ParkerCARA_CATO(86%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2002-07-19]
up2006-10-252006-10-2515x15ASSEMBLY LINEBy Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerSALE_SINBAD(89%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2002-08-14]
up2006-10-262006-10-2615x15I SAYBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerWANED_WEEP(95%) By Robert Gensler [up2002-07-17]
up2006-10-272006-10-2715x15MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?By Emma Daly / Timothy ParkerMAIMS_MAT(86%) By Peter Dart [up2002-08-09]
up2006-10-282006-10-2815x15TRIPLE TWINSBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerGEMS_GALA(96%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-07-22]
up2006-10-302006-10-3015x15FORMALLY YOURSBy Josh Lubane / Timothy ParkerADAPT_ACRE(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-08-25]
up2006-10-312006-10-3115x15FOUR CAVITIESBy Ty Whit / Timothy ParkerBASTED_BEGOT(87%) By Ed Early [up2002-07-30]
up2006-11-012006-11-0115x15CIRCLE OF FRIENDSBy Louis Canelworth / Timothy ParkerCLEAR_CAW(84%) By Ed Early [up2002-08-17]
up2006-11-022006-11-0215x15TIED AND TRUEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerADAM_ARCS(89%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2002-07-18]
up2006-11-032006-11-0315x15A CAPITAL IDEABy Lewis Graham / Timothy ParkerLASH_LISP(86%) By Kevin M. James [up2002-08-01]
up2006-11-062006-11-0615x15TRAVEL ONBy Josh Lubane / Timothy ParkerLASH_LAND(77%) By Ann M. Unrein [up2002-08-21]
up2006-11-072006-11-0715x15WELL-EQUIPPED STUDENTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSCAG_SOMBER(87%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2002-09-05]
up2006-11-082006-11-0815x15FARE WELLBy Judy Huckley / Timothy ParkerCACHE_CAFE(90%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-08-28]
up2006-11-092006-11-0915x15BUSY CRITTERSBy Lewis Graham / Timothy ParkerJACOB_JETSAM(85%) By Stephen Windheim [up2002-08-30]
up2006-11-102006-11-1015x15SLICE AND DICEBy Emma Daly / Timothy ParkerMAKE_MICRO(100%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2002-07-29]
up2006-11-132006-11-1315x15ELBOW GREASEBy Luke Jaylue / Timothy ParkerRAPT_RULE(83%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2002-09-02]
up2006-11-152006-11-1515x15MORE CAKEBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerMUST_MISTS(86%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-09-03]
up2006-11-162006-11-1615x15DEBATE TEAMBy Lewis Graham / Timothy ParkerCOSTA_CARP(88%) By Ed Early [up2002-09-12]
up2006-11-202006-11-2015x15GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUTBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBARB_BOLT(86%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-04]
up2006-11-212006-11-2115x15B.C.By Tim Burr / Timothy ParkerSTAFF_SCAB(88%) By Holden Baker - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-29]
up2006-11-222006-11-2215x15SAY IT AGAINBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerRAFT_RAP(77%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-01]
up2006-11-232006-11-2315x15THE TIME IS NOWBy Cathy Kline / Timothy ParkerATOM_ACES(87%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2002-10-08]
up2006-11-242006-11-2415x15TURF WARSBy Timothy Winton / Timothy ParkerSARIS_SODAS(90%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-04]
up2006-11-262006-11-2615x15FIVE'LL GET YOU TENBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerPASTAS_PICOTS(85%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-04-04]
(87%) By Roland Myers / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-04]
up2006-11-272006-11-2715x15BASIC QUESTIONSBy Mark Milhet / Timothy ParkerEVES_ERA(85%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-09-28]
up2006-11-282006-11-2815x15HOME REMODELBy Tim Burr / Timothy ParkerBAAED_BEAGLE(67%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-04-27]
(69%) By Lucia Cole [up2005-08-24]
up2006-11-292006-11-2915x15RIDE 'EM COWBOY!By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSPOT_STAB(86%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-04-03]
(85%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-03-23]
up2006-12-012006-12-0115x15TOGETHER AGAINBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerITAS_IMAC(36%) M. Francis Vuolo [nyt1999-07-26]
(31%) By Beverly Gilchrist [usa2004-12-07]
up2006-12-052006-12-0515x15LOW BRIDGE!By Candice Ireland / Timothy ParkerSMOG_SPAS(88%) - By Mark Milhet [up2003-01-03]
up2006-12-062006-12-0615x15SPOTLESSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMARSH_MCCOY(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-01-02]
up2006-12-082006-12-0815x15HOME COOKINGBy Tim Burr / Timothy ParkerSNAPS_SAC(86%) By Alice Walker [up2005-05-10]
up2006-12-112006-12-1115x15PIZZA PARLOR GRAND OPENINGBy Candice Ireland / Timothy ParkerGRAD_GLAM(91%) By Holden Baker [up2005-02-13]
up2006-12-172006-12-1715x15GROUND ZEROBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerGAM_GOATS(91%) By Jim Page [usa2005-04-05]
up2006-12-182006-12-1815x15TIME AFTER TIMEBy Gary Benninghoff / Timothy ParkerTANS_TALC(27%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(27%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(75%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-11-30]
up2006-12-192006-12-1915x15WALK BEHINDBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMARCS_MAD(78%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-01-21]
up2006-12-202006-12-2015x15MAIL BONDINGBy Marrith Clark / Timothy ParkerRATE_RABBI(92%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-01-29]
up2006-12-222006-12-2215x15DON'T STOP NOWBy Peter Greene / Timothy ParkerBLIP_BEST(75%) By James E. Buell [up2003-08-13]
up2006-12-232006-12-2315x15BUILDING A PUZZLEBy Timothy Winton / Timothy ParkerBOOT_BAGJOB(88%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-01-13]
up2006-12-242006-12-2415x15SOCK IT TO 'EMBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerAMASS_ADAR(82%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-01-20]
up2006-12-252006-12-2515x15CROOKEDBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMEOW_MAP(69%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-23]
up2006-12-292006-12-2915x15TWICE-TOLDBy Ann Tobarth / Timothy ParkerIOWE_ICE(70%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-01-28]
up2006-12-302006-12-3015x15FAR FROM POSITIVEBy Tim Burr / Timothy ParkerLINK_LIEN(80%) By Holden Baker [up2001-05-15]

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