Universal uClick, 2007

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2007xdidDateSizeTitleAuthorEditorCopyright1Across_1DownSimilar Previous Grids
up2007-01-202007-01-2015x15LINE BACKERSBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerSHEIK_STIR(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-05-21]
up2007-01-212007-01-2115x15AIR APPARENTBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerEGGAR_ECHO(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-05-05]
up2007-01-262007-01-2615x15GOING DOWNBy Lucky Barrett / Timothy ParkerLAKE_LASIK(28%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-08-05]
(28%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-08-05]
(31%) Alex K. Justin [nyt1997-11-24]
up2007-01-282007-01-2815x15FIND THE BINDBy Holly Aster / Timothy ParkerOCELOT_OREO(65%) By A. J. Santora [usa2002-10-25]
up2007-01-312007-01-3115x15OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMSBy Lucky Barrett / Timothy ParkerSLAM_SPAM(29%) S. L. Robbins [nyt1996-06-17]
up2007-02-052007-02-0515x15HOP TO ITBy Camron Henley / Timothy ParkerTALC_TIKKI(28%) Peter Gordon [nyt1997-10-20]
up2007-02-082007-02-0815x15KLUTZ ON THE LOOSEBy Turner Givens / Timothy ParkerSWABS_SPIT(43%) ??? [ch2000-02-08]
up2007-02-132007-02-1315x15MOVE ITBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerALGA_ALAR(44%) Nancy Kavanaugh [nyt1999-08-23]
up2007-02-192007-02-1915x15ALL IN ALLBy Lewis Graham / Timothy ParkerRUMBA_RIM(32%) Arthur S. Verdesca [nyt1998-11-17]
up2007-02-202007-02-2015x15PLACE YOUR BETSBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerDINE_DALI(93%) By James E. Buell [up2002-11-08]
up2007-02-212007-02-2115x15TO A TBy Lucky Barrett / Timothy ParkerPLIE_PROPS(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-09-17]
up2007-02-252007-02-2515x15GREAT EX-SPECK-TATIONSBy Mark Milhet / Timothy ParkerSPAS_SAN(88%) By Mark Milhet - Editor Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-07]
up2007-02-262007-02-2615x15BRIEF STATEMENTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerDISC_DOT(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-10-14]
up2007-02-272007-02-2715x15BACK IT UP A LITTLEBy Leana Bloom / Timothy ParkerSTEW_SUMOS(97%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-31]
up2007-02-282007-02-2815x15LETTER-PERFECTBy Mark Milhet / Timothy ParkerPROLE_PRAM(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-09-25]
up2007-03-012007-03-0115x15RIDE ALONGBy Lucky Barrett / Timothy ParkerHERES_HIHAT(89%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-10-23]
up2007-03-022007-03-0215x15HAVE A BLASTBy James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerBOIL_BMW(94%) By James E. Buell [up2002-10-16]
up2007-03-032007-03-0315x15COSTS ABOUT A GRANDBy Pepper Castling / Timothy ParkerHACK_HAJI(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-15]
up2007-03-042007-03-0415x15SAY-SOBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerHUGE_HOC(99%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-26]
up2007-03-052007-03-0515x15QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONSBy Turner Givens / Timothy ParkerTHIS_TDS(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-09-28]
(85%) By Mark Milhet / Timothy Parker [up2006-11-27]
up2007-03-062007-03-0615x15DEAL ME INBy Lester Mapple / Timothy ParkerCHAR_CHICO(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-22]
up2007-03-072007-03-0715x15START ME UPBy Thomas Lucas / Timothy ParkerFLARE_FLOP(88%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-10-21]
up2007-03-082007-03-0815x15TIME CHECK' By Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerALBS_APES(88%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2002-10-08]
(86%) By Cathy Kline / Timothy Parker [up2006-11-23]
up2007-03-092007-03-0915x15Y NAME NAMES?By James E. Buell / Timothy ParkerBESS_BELA(100%) By James E. Buell [up2000-11-09]
up2007-03-102007-03-1015x15NOT GRADE AA MEALSBy Lester Mapple / Timothy ParkerAGNEW_ABBE(94%) By Gail Grabowski [up2003-01-11]
up2007-03-112007-03-1115x15HIGHER AND HIGHERBy Leana Bloom / Timothy ParkerACHE_ACRES(89%) By James E. Buell [up2002-11-06]
up2007-03-122007-03-1215x15ROUND WE GOBy Emery Glasso / Timothy ParkerDUMBO_DIM(33%) By Zelda White - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-12-15]
up2007-03-192007-03-1915x15TIMESPANBy Emery Glasso / Timothy ParkerSONY_SOFA(34%) Robert Zimmerman [nyt1994-02-01]
up2007-03-202007-03-2015x15LET'S DO LUNCHBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerAPEN_ASHBIN(28%) Bryant White [nyt1994-07-28]
up2007-03-212007-03-2115x15GO FORTH AND MULTIPLYBy Lester Mapple / Timothy ParkerNARC_NOTA(27%) Sidney L. Robbins [nyt1994-09-26]
up2007-03-232007-03-2315x15IMPROVING STEADILYBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSHOD_SHAG(31%) Joy L. Wouk [atc2001-05-08]
(31%) Joy L. Wouk [atc2003-04-28]
(31%) [atc2005-09-12]
(28%) Stephanie Spadaccini [nyt1977-12-15]
up2007-03-242007-03-2415x15MOTTLED CREWBy Leana Bloom / Timothy ParkerLAMA_LODE(86%) By Ed Early [up2003-01-15]
up2007-03-272007-03-2715x15THE CHOICE IS YOURSBy Lester Mapple / Timothy ParkerAPSE_AFRIKANER(96%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2007-03-15]
up2007-03-282007-03-2815x15BORN FREEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSLAW_SLEPT(34%) Julian Ochrymowych & Amy Goldstein [nyt1994-09-05]
up2007-03-302007-03-3015x15ALL ABOARDBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerAFRO_APSE(31%) Bernice Gordon [nyt1997-10-28]
up2007-03-312007-03-3115x15WHO LET THE ANIMALS IN?By Kyle Gray / Timothy ParkerTARO_TONGA(33%) Trip Payne [nyt1994-06-23]
up2007-04-012007-04-0115x15FAIR DEALBy Tucker Mathis / Timothy ParkerWATTS_WBA(82%) By Robert Gensler [up2003-03-29]
up2007-04-022007-04-0215x15THE STY'S THE LIMITBy Thomas Lucas / Timothy ParkerMEWL_MACH(91%) By Louis Hildebrand [up2003-03-25]
up2007-04-032007-04-0315x15BIRD FEEDBy Leana Bloom / Timothy ParkerELLA_EBBS(92%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-03-13]
up2007-04-062007-04-0615x15FURNITURE SHOPPINGBy Wesley Holman / Timothy ParkerSTANG_SKAT(75%) By Jay Sullivan [up2003-03-07]
up2007-04-072007-04-0715x15ROAD HOGSBy Kyle Gray / Timothy ParkerALFAS_ABA(64%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-03-31]
up2007-04-092007-04-0915x15BOSS AROUNDBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerBETAS_BASS(57%) ??? [ch2000-04-20]
(74%) By Robert Gensler [up2003-03-05]
up2007-04-102007-04-1015x15WE DID IT!By Alex Henry / Timothy ParkerGALS_GOBS(89%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-03-22]
up2007-04-112007-04-1115x15ASKING FOR DIRECTIONSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSCOTT_SLUSH(76%) By N. G. Becker [up2003-03-08]
up2007-04-182007-04-1815x15PEP TALKBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBACH_BOOB(69%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-04-07]
up2007-04-202007-04-2015x15BATTLEFIELDSBy Wesley Holman / Timothy ParkerCALF_CHEF(32%) ??? [ch2000-10-12]
up2007-04-232007-04-2315x15BRING ITBy Tyrone Bass / Timothy ParkerTOSS_TATA(69%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-04-09]
up2007-04-292007-04-2915x15QUIET DOWN!By Wesley Holman / Timothy ParkerBTUS_BASH(28%) Gregory E. Paul [nyt1998-04-13]
up2007-05-152007-05-1515x15ULTIMATE FAVORITESBy Tyrone Bass / Timothy ParkerGASH_GERM(32%) Richard Silvestri [nyt1993-12-02]
up2007-05-202007-05-2015x15VERY, VERY GOODBy Kyle Gray / Timothy ParkerSLOB_SHIVA(29%) David J. Kahn [nyt1998-11-12]
up2007-05-312007-05-3115x15ALL FOR ...By Pearl Anderson / Timothy ParkerBITT_BOOMED(100%) By Pearl Anderson / Timothy Parker [up2007-05-30]
up2007-06-072007-06-0715x15WHERE'S KITTY?By Carrie Hansome / Timothy ParkerSETT_SEWS(36%) Sidney L. Robbins [nyt1995-04-10]
up2007-06-162007-06-1615x15PASS IT TO MEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerARGOT_ALTHEA(100%) By Joy M. Andrews / Timothy Parker [usa2006-09-22]
up2007-06-192007-06-1915x15NOT SO RISKYBy Gayle Dean / Timothy ParkerSALVO_SAFES(94%) By Gayle Dean [usa2005-03-08]
up2007-06-232007-06-2315x15TAKE IT OFFBy Joy M. Andrews / Timothy ParkerJESTS_JUMP(89%) By Joy M. Andrews [usa2005-03-29]
up2007-06-242007-06-2415x15LOVEY-DOVEYBy Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy ParkerPRADA_PES(90%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-01]
(96%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2005-02-28]
up2007-06-302007-06-3015x15CHEESE IT!By Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerCOUPS_CAROB(93%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-06-20]
up2007-07-012007-07-0115x15DON'T HURT ME!By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerTILES_TAJ(89%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-05-09]
up2007-07-032007-07-0315x15DESTRUCTIVE TENDENCIESBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerIMPS_IMPEL(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-23]
(93%) By Morris Milwall / Timothy Parker [up2006-09-28]
up2007-07-062007-07-0615x15GO, GO, GO!By Ron Halverson / Timothy ParkerOFID_ORGS(95%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-02-16]
(95%) By Ron Halverson [usa2005-04-07]
up2007-07-082007-07-0815x15STATELY RESIDENCESBy Gregory Pace / Timothy ParkerDAIS_DOGS(31%) Stanley Whitten/Charles Preston [usa2000-07-18]
(100%) By Stanley B. Whitten [usa2003-09-12]
up2007-07-132007-07-1315x15WHO ARE THESE GUYS?By Thomas Kandy / Timothy ParkerRAREFY_ROTS(99%) By Charles B. Slack [usa2003-06-27]
up2007-07-142007-07-1415x15THE DAMAGE IS DONEBy Marcus Lazzane / Timothy ParkerABBA_ALP(100%) By Fran And Lou Sabin [usa2003-09-17]
up2007-07-162007-07-1615x15LONG NUMBERBy Jerry Hart / Timothy ParkerPACED_PAPAS(93%) By Holden Baker [up2001-11-28]
(94%) By Kelly Johnson / Timothy Parker [up2006-03-09]
up2007-07-172007-07-1715x15AM I BLUE?By Cate Cove / Timothy ParkerPAMS_PUPA(92%) By James W. Hyres [usa2003-12-22]
up2007-07-182007-07-1815x15DUCK FOR COVERBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerLOLA_LOWES(93%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2004-01-05]
up2007-07-192007-07-1915x15PEAS IN A PODBy Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerTRAP_TICS(100%) By Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy Parker [up2007-07-12]
up2007-07-242007-07-2415x15WHERE?By Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy ParkerALAS_AVIV(96%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-06-01]
up2007-07-252007-07-2515x15GRAMMAR CLASSBy Ruma Collette / Timothy ParkerREDO_RAH(98%) By Ruma Collette [up2005-05-04]
up2007-07-262007-07-2615x15BETTING MANBy Tom Dirkshire / Timothy ParkerMEEK_MARTS(91%) By Roger Coburn / Timothy Parker [usa2005-12-07]
up2007-07-272007-07-2715x15GOT IT COVEREDBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerTVSET_TUTU(26%) ??? [ch1996-03-23]
(31%) William S. McIlrath [nyt1988-03-02]
(94%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2004-01-07]
up2007-07-282007-07-2815x15A DOG'S LIFEBy Craig Holman / Timothy ParkerMANA_MEMO(95%) By Patrick Mcconville [up2005-01-19]
up2007-07-292007-07-2915x15CAPITAL!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLASH_LISP(80%) By Kevin M. James [up2002-08-01]
(93%) By Lewis Graham / Timothy Parker [up2006-11-03]
up2007-07-302007-07-3015x15COMPARATIVELY SPEAKINGBy Gary Benninghoff / Timothy ParkerSERA_SAL(98%) By Ted Milspaugh [usa2004-08-25]
up2007-08-012007-08-0115x15IN THE MILITARYBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerICE_IMPEDE(100%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2004-08-23]
up2007-08-022007-08-0215x15TIME TO SEE A DOCTOR?By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSHOPS_SWAG(96%) By Alan Olschwang [up2004-01-18]
up2007-08-042007-08-0415x15GET ON THE BUSBy Matthew J. Koceich / Timothy ParkerORIBI_ORFF(94%) By Matthew J. Koceich [usa2004-08-26]
up2007-08-062007-08-0615x15MUSICAL ELEMENTBy Paul Litz / Timothy ParkerLAID_LAPFUL(90%) By Janet R. Bender [up2004-01-01]
up2007-08-072007-08-0715x15TIME AFTER TIMEBy Gia Kilroy / Timothy ParkerARTS_AMY(95%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2004-01-11]
up2007-08-092007-08-0915x15BOR-R-R-INGBy Paul Litz / Timothy ParkerCOAT_CHAT(95%) By Diane C. Baldwin [up2004-01-06]
up2007-08-102007-08-1015x15ON THE MARKBy Tom Dirkshire / Timothy ParkerSPA_SEISMS(91%) By Charles B. Slack [up2004-01-09]
up2007-08-132007-08-1315x15TABLE DISCUSSIONBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerGLOB_GNAW(96%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2004-01-28]
up2007-08-142007-08-1415x15LONG WAY TO GOBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerCHAP_CLONE(95%) By Fran And Lou Sabin [up2004-02-10]
up2007-08-152007-08-1515x15GUYS WILL BE GUYSBy Lucas Whetstone / Timothy ParkerAVOW_ALIGN(91%) By Norm Guggenbiller [up2004-01-23]
up2007-08-162007-08-1615x15HEADED FOR THE SHOWERBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerGALA_GERALD(89%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-02-23]
up2007-08-172007-08-1715x15CATCHING WAVESBy Gia Kilroy / Timothy ParkerEPIC_EDO(96%) By Sarah Keller [up2004-02-04]
up2007-08-182007-08-1815x15TEENSY BEGINNINGSBy Paul Litz / Timothy ParkerCURB_COWL(98%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-01-27]
up2007-08-192007-08-1915x15PITCH IT HEREBy Amos Gould / Timothy ParkerPARSI_POSSE(96%) By Arlan And Linda Bushman [up2004-01-31]
up2007-08-202007-08-2015x15EYES ON THE CLOCKBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerBLOC_BYE(93%) By Fran And Lou Sabin [up2004-02-19]
up2007-08-212007-08-2115x15BIRDS OF A FEATHERBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerDUPED_DOE(96%) By Robert Gensler [up2004-01-19]
up2007-08-232007-08-2315x15STRANGE ANIMALSBy Tom Dirkshire / Timothy ParkerRASH_REGGAE(90%) By Sarah Keller [up2004-02-09]
(90%) By Sarah Keller [up2004-05-11]
up2007-08-252007-08-2515x15NO LIMITATIONSBy Amos Gould / Timothy ParkerTROPE_TREF(94%) By Carol Lemley [usa2004-12-17]
up2007-08-282007-08-2815x15UNITED WE STANDBy Gia Kilroy / Timothy ParkerROAST_ROTC(33%) M. Francis Vuolo [nyt1999-07-26]
(31%) By Carl Cranby / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-01]
(94%) By Beverly Gilchrist [usa2004-12-07]
up2007-08-292007-08-2915x15A WEE PUZZLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBAHAI_BALI(100%) By Alexander Covey [usa2004-12-13]
up2007-08-302007-08-3015x15BACK TO THE FUTUREBy Louis Lahey / Timothy ParkerRESTS_ROTA(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2005-02-07]
up2007-08-312007-08-3115x15GIVE IT A GOBy J.R. Richardson / Timothy ParkerCOLDS_CAFE(95%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-01-20]
(100%) By J.r. Richardson [up2005-03-05]
up2007-09-012007-09-0115x15TRUE COLORSBy Mike Coplan / Timothy ParkerACHE_ARCS(93%) By Tim Burr - Edited By Timothy Parker [up2002-12-02]
up2007-09-022007-09-0215x15SENSE-IBLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerFLEA_FLUSH(92%) By Kurt Mengel And Jan-michele Gianette [up2002-11-03]
up2007-09-042007-09-0415x15LEND ME AN EERBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSPIC_SUDS(94%) By Gregory Paul - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-11]
up2007-09-052007-09-0515x15PASSING WITH C'SBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerWAVE_WATSON(92%) By Mengel & Gianette - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-01]
up2007-09-092007-09-0915x15HELD IN PLACEBy Oscar Klum / Timothy ParkerALBS_AMISS(91%) By Leonard Williams [up2002-11-12]
up2007-09-102007-09-1015x15FAIL TO TAKE A STANDBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerACME_ALIT(94%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-16]
up2007-09-112007-09-1115x15THE THING IN THE MIDDLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerANTES_AND(93%) By Tim Burr [up2002-12-12]
up2007-09-122007-09-1215x15FIRST NAMESBy Maurice Rice / Timothy ParkerESSE_EAVES(97%) By Tim Burr - Edited By Timothy Parker [up2002-12-20]
up2007-09-132007-09-1315x15ON THE DOWN LOWBy Horace Dampiere / Timothy ParkerFLAP_FLAK(94%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-19]
up2007-09-142007-09-1415x15DIGITALBy By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerTALES_TAFT(96%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Timothy Parker [up2002-12-05]
up2007-09-172007-09-1715x15DARE TO COMPAREBy Timothy E. Parker / Timothy ParkerASPS_ARCH(30%) Gregory E. Paul [nyt1997-09-22]
(93%) By Tim Burr - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-11-26]
up2007-09-182007-09-1815x15NOT SO COMMON CRITTERSBy Mark Gould / Timothy ParkerHAHS_HIDE(93%) By Alan Olschwang [up2002-12-08]
up2007-09-192007-09-1915x15ON THE MOVEBy Lucas Whetstone / Timothy ParkerAMMO_APHID(93%) By Amy Belle - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-12-10]
up2007-09-212007-09-2115x15LEADING THE BANDBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerBAMBI_BABY(94%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-12-06]
up2007-09-232007-09-2315x15CLOTHES MAKE THE ...By Lucille Evanstone / Timothy ParkerDADS_DEFAT(94%) By Harvey Estes - Edited By Tim Parker [up2003-01-05]
up2007-09-242007-09-2415x15SOLVING A PUZZLEBy Louis Lahey / Timothy ParkerSASS_SHAH(96%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-01-19]
up2007-09-252007-09-2515x15BLOWIN' IN THE ...By Kelly Wilmark / Timothy ParkerRANI_RADS(95%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2003-01-07]
up2007-09-262007-09-2615x15MAKE THE DOSE OF ITBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSTAMP_SHU(97%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-26]
up2007-09-272007-09-2715x15STEAK YOUR CLAIMBy Lucille Evanstone / Timothy ParkerASPS_APC(98%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Tim Parker [up2003-01-23]
up2007-09-282007-09-2815x15TIME TO GOBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCAVITY_CHARS(94%) By John Underwood [up2002-12-25]
up2007-09-292007-09-2915x15BELLY TO THE GROUNDBy Mark Gould / Timothy ParkerCECIL_CBS(100%) By David Covill - Editor Tim Parker [up2003-01-12]
up2007-09-302007-09-3015x15DO NOT TOSS IT HEREBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSLAM_STETS(94%) By Charles B. Slack [up2003-09-25]
up2007-10-012007-10-0115x15IN THE GRASSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerULCER_ULNA(94%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-09-03]
up2007-10-022007-10-0215x15DESCRIPTIVE PEOPLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerAGO_ATTICS(95%) By Lane Gutz [up2003-09-06]
up2007-10-032007-10-0315x15STARTING TEAMBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSPRY_SODAS(93%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-09-23]
up2007-10-042007-10-0415x15NOW SPITBy John Hanson / Timothy ParkerDIPSY_DRUB(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-09-09]
up2007-10-052007-10-0515x15LUMBER, JACK!By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerMETED_MAFIA(97%) By Ed Early [up2003-09-21]
up2007-10-062007-10-0615x15STICKING POINTBy Oscar Luce / Timothy ParkerMORE_MARACA(90%) By Janet R. Bender [up2003-09-24]
up2007-10-082007-10-0815x15MORNING MEALBy Louis Hayes / Timothy ParkerROSS_RICA(80%) by Randall J. Hartman, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2003-12-23]
(80%) by Randall J. Hartman, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2003-12-23]
(100%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2003-04-29]
up2007-10-092007-10-0915x15LIGHT TREATSBy Mose Lucie / Timothy ParkerHASNT_HATH(94%) By Ed Early [up2003-10-02]
up2007-10-122007-10-1215x15MAKE YOUR MOVEBy Oscar Luce / Timothy ParkerETAL_EPIC(94%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2003-10-09]
up2007-10-132007-10-1315x15YES YOU CANBy George Meyers / Timothy ParkerMECCA_MASH(92%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-09-19]
up2007-10-142007-10-1415x15HUBBUBBy Kelly Wilmark / Timothy ParkerOSCAR_ODDS(93%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-09-20]
up2007-10-152007-10-1515x15BED ADIEUBy Mark Gould / Timothy ParkerAHOLE_ARTI(95%) By Charles B. Slack [up2003-09-17]
up2007-10-172007-10-1715x15SET A PLACEBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerGAFF_GAGA(95%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-09-26]
up2007-10-182007-10-1815x15TIME FOR A GAME, MATE?By Alan Olschwang / Timothy ParkerPOKES_PEKOE(95%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-10-14]
up2007-10-202007-10-2015x15FARM LIFEBy George Meyers / Timothy ParkerCOPT_CAYMAN(91%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-10-27]
up2007-10-212007-10-2115x15WORD PLAYBy Mose Lucie / Timothy ParkerEMBAR_ESP(95%) By Ed Early [up2003-10-21]
up2007-10-222007-10-2215x15MOVIES TO SEE WITH CAUTIONBy Michael Colbert / Timothy ParkerREAL_RAIDED(93%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-11-14]
up2007-10-232007-10-2315x15TAKE A TRIPBy Oscar Denniger / Timothy ParkerMAAM_MESH(96%) By Nellie G. Becker [up2003-11-26]
up2007-10-242007-10-2415x15LOONSBy Missy Lucas / Timothy ParkerSCUM_SUMOS(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-12-01]
up2007-10-282007-10-2815x15BRUSH DAILYBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerNARC_NEHRU(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-11-18]
up2007-10-292007-10-2915x15GROOVY!By Mack Lubrey / Timothy ParkerAREA_AFT(98%) By Ed Early [up2003-11-21]
up2007-10-302007-10-3015x15CRASH ANALYSISBy Missy Lucas / Timothy ParkerTATAR_TATS(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-09-16]
up2007-10-312007-10-3115x15THE GOOD BOOKBy Michael Raye / Timothy ParkerOPTS_OBESE(93%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2003-10-22]
up2007-11-012007-11-0115x15AUTO SHOPBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLIFT_LARDS(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-11-24]
up2007-11-022007-11-0215x15PICK A CARDBy Anna Huxley / Timothy ParkerATLAS_AVID(100%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-10-15]
up2007-11-032007-11-0315x15IN YOUR ELEMENTBy Jule Mason / Timothy ParkerMETE_MACE(96%) By Lane Gutz [up2003-11-12]
up2007-11-042007-11-0415x15BIRDS OF A FEATHERBy Judy Denon / Timothy ParkerHASP_HUGS(94%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2003-11-19]
up2007-11-052007-11-0515x15WASTING AWAYBy Michael Raye / Timothy ParkerHELLO_HARASS(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-12-11]
up2007-11-062007-11-0615x15MAKE TIMEBy Missy Lucas / Timothy ParkerSCOPE_SANER(95%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-12-12]
up2007-11-072007-11-0715x15ON LOCK DOWNBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSAGA_SALT(93%) By Nellie G. Becker [up2003-12-24]
up2007-11-092007-11-0915x15PHYSICAL FITNESSBy Inez Adams / Timothy ParkerHEAR_HAHA(94%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2001-10-25]
up2007-11-122007-11-1215x15GO FOR IT!By Macy Luck / Timothy ParkerTOPIC_TEMPS(100%) By James E. Buell [up2003-12-25]
up2007-11-132007-11-1315x15DRESS WARMLYBy Han Brickel / Timothy ParkerAKC_ABBA(95%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2003-12-31]
up2007-11-142007-11-1415x15TRIP TO THE BANKBy Judith Hunter / Timothy ParkerEBBS_ELBOW(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-12-19]
up2007-11-152007-11-1515x15PLAYING WITH FIREBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCHIPS_CLASPS(100%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-12-23]
up2007-11-202007-11-2015x15MIND BEHINDBy Cory Ross / Timothy ParkerSAM_SCHMO(100%) By Joy M. Andrews [up2003-12-27]
up2007-11-212007-11-2115x15SOUNDS GOODBy Oscar Fremantle / Timothy ParkerELISA_ETCS(96%) By Ernest Lampert [up2003-12-18]
up2007-11-232007-11-2315x15MAKE UP YOUR MINDBy Ted Milspaugh / Timothy ParkerMALE_MOB(91%) By Gordon Seaberg [up2003-12-22]
up2007-11-292007-11-2915x15BRAIN STEMSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCABOT_COWAN(94%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2004-10-05]
up2007-12-032007-12-0315x15THINK HARDBy Maurice Rice / Timothy ParkerSPAS_SLOSH(93%) By Jay Sullivan [up2003-03-21]
up2007-12-042007-12-0415x15GLEE CLUBBy Judith Hunter / Timothy ParkerCOIF_CAMS(98%) By Ed Early [up2003-03-11]
up2007-12-052007-12-0515x15OLD TAILSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerPATON_POWER(93%) By Gail Grabowski [up2003-03-20]
up2007-12-062007-12-0615x15MUSIC MAKERSBy Arthur Groom / Timothy ParkerSTAR_SAC(97%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-03-01]
up2007-12-082007-12-0815x15SOLVING TIMEBy Ted Milspaugh / Timothy ParkerLOFT_LUCK(27%) Kenneth Haxton/Trude Michel Jaffe [lat1997-01-23]
(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-03-18]
up2007-12-092007-12-0915x15BANG!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerAWOL_AHAB(93%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-03-09]
up2007-12-102007-12-1015x15BOOK FINISHBy Louis Lahey / Timothy ParkerILER_IPASS(95%) By Gail Grabowski [up2003-03-14]
up2007-12-132007-12-1315x15MY FAVORITE THINGSBy Louis Lahey / Timothy ParkerPUPAS_PISTE(94%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2003-03-15]
up2007-12-162007-12-1615x15NAME GAMEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBANC_BETS(96%) By Nellie G. Becker [up2003-03-04]
up2007-12-172007-12-1715x15A ROYAL PUZZLEBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerALOE_ACES(98%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-03-26]
up2007-12-232007-12-2315x15LIBERATION!By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerTRAILOFF_TWOS(100%) By David J. Kahn [up1999-07-18]
up2007-12-252007-12-2515x15ROLL 'EMBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerPATH_PAS(94%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-12-17]
(97%) By Cathy Kline / Timothy Parker [usa2006-02-02]
up2007-12-272007-12-2715x15BAR CLOSINGSBy Sheila McKnight / Timothy ParkerPAM_PESOS(95%) By James W. Hyres [up2004-06-11]
up2007-12-312007-12-3115x15GO A FEW ROUNDSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCAME_CATCH(92%) By Stanley B. Whitten [usa2004-07-16]

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