Universal uClick, 2008

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2008xdidDateSizeTitleAuthorEditorCopyright1Across_1DownSimilar Previous Grids
up2008-01-012008-01-0115x15ROYAL FLUSHBy Sheila McKnight / Timothy ParkerPHIL_PREWAR(28%) 990903 [lat1999-09-03]
(91%) By Diane C. Baldwin [usa2004-11-10]
up2008-01-022008-01-0215x15CRACKED!By Jorge Beche / Timothy ParkerTOKES_TAWS(84%) By Jim Hyres [usa2004-11-02]
up2008-01-032008-01-0315x15CONTRADICTIONSBy Louis Kahey / Timothy ParkerACTS_ATTILA(90%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2004-01-28]
up2008-01-072008-01-0715x15ME ON THE INSIDEBy Karla Kneiss / Timothy ParkerRDS_REFILM(86%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-08-21]
up2008-01-082008-01-0815x15IRON BUTTBy Luke Moore / Timothy ParkerBAUD_BASH(95%) By M. Preston Sherwood [up2001-02-18]
(87%) By Cassie Hearndon / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-07]
up2008-01-092008-01-0915x15A LITTLE MOREBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerALEG_ANDES(86%) By Robert Gensler [usa2003-09-18]
up2008-01-112008-01-1115x15SEASON'S GREETINGSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerANTE_ASSET(94%) By Holden Baker [up2000-05-30]
up2008-01-152008-01-1515x15PLAY BALLBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerAGHA_ALIT(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-09]
up2008-01-162008-01-1615x15SCHOLARLY PURSUITSBy Karla Kneiss / Timothy ParkerSUTRA_SABBAT(26%) by Rich Norris, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-07-14]
(26%) by Rich Norris, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-07-14]
(91%) By Stella Daily & Bruce Venzke [usa2003-07-30]
up2008-01-182008-01-1815x15OVER YONDERBy Macy Luck / Timothy ParkerBACK_BRIDAL(28%) ??? [cht2003-03-24]
(28%) Harvey Estes / Rich Norris [lat2003-03-24]
up2008-01-202008-01-2015x15NOW'S THE TIMEBy Gigi Beach / Timothy ParkerASSAM_ALA(91%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2002-09-13]
up2008-01-222008-01-2215x15LOW COUNTBy Lewis Clarkson / Timothy ParkerPALS_PUTTEE(28%) Elizabeth C. Gorski [nyt1999-03-15]
up2008-01-232008-01-2315x15GET CRACKIN' By Karla Kneiss / Timothy ParkerMIDI_MALL(95%) By Ron Halverson [usa2004-12-27]
up2008-01-242008-01-2415x15PIN ATTACHMENTSBy Macy Luck / Timothy ParkerESS_EPSOM(94%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2003-06-02]
up2008-01-252008-01-2515x15HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHEREBy Luke Moore / Timothy ParkerRIATA_RATA(25%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2002-11-13]
(25%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2002-11-13]
(95%) By Gail Grabowski [up2003-06-05]
up2008-01-262008-01-2615x15GAME TIMEBy Jorge Beche / Timothy ParkerSAPS_SCAR(29%) ??? [ch1996-07-20]
(25%) By Martin Ashwood-Smith [cs2000-10-30]
(99%) By Bruce Whittington [up2003-06-07]
(35%) By Richard Hughes [usa2001-04-19]
up2008-01-272008-01-2715x15FLAT-OUTBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerBOSS_BOWL(95%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-06-04]
up2008-01-282008-01-2815x15STUCK ON YOUBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCAULK_CITES(91%) By Marjorie Berg [up2003-06-03]
up2008-01-302008-01-3015x15FOR GOOD MEASUREBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMETA_MIMI(93%) By Charles B. Slack [up2003-06-21]
up2008-01-312008-01-3115x15LET'S RECYCLEBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerARUBA_ASH(93%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2003-12-20]
up2008-02-012008-02-0115x15LOW TO THE GROUNDBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMOODS_MIST(94%) By Lane Gutz [up2003-12-21]
up2008-02-032008-02-0315x15NEW YORK, NEW YORKBy Casey Rumblach / Timothy ParkerSOPHS_SIBS(99%) By Barry C. Silk [up2004-01-25]
up2008-02-052008-02-0515x15MAKES GOODBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCOMBE_CPA(95%) By James E. Buell [up2004-02-02]
up2008-02-062008-02-0615x15CHANGE IS GOODBy Kenny Holley / Timothy ParkerFOCI_FEW(91%) By Janet R. Bender [up2004-01-15]
up2008-02-072008-02-0715x15ROTATEBy Mack Henry / Timothy ParkerNAACP_NAT(95%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-01-03]
up2008-02-102008-02-1015x15KEEP GOINGBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerDIRT_DAUB(36%) By Kelly Wilmark / Timothy Parker [up2007-03-29]
up2008-02-122008-02-1215x15CANINE CAPERBy Kenny Holley / Timothy ParkerSAFIN_SOWS(94%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-05-22]
up2008-02-132008-02-1315x15IT COUNTSBy Lazzy Lemmon / Timothy ParkerSNOW_SHUT(28%) Harvey Estes [nyt1995-03-21]
up2008-02-152008-02-1515x15NO NOBy Dean Wickham / Timothy ParkerTHRU_TRENDS(29%) Randall J. Hartman [nyt1998-08-11]
up2008-02-182008-02-1815x15PUZZLE TIMEBy Mack Henry / Timothy ParkerALIVE_ALP(97%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-07-12]
up2008-02-192008-02-1915x15KIND OF ROLLINGBy Jorge Beche / Timothy ParkerMANY_MOM(87%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-07-26]
up2008-02-202008-02-2015x15TIME WILL TELLBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerCALIF_COMET(89%) By Jim Hyres [up2004-07-13]
up2008-02-212008-02-2115x15GOING DOWNBy Candice Wolfe / Timothy ParkerGLIB_GASH(26%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-08-05]
(27%) by Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-08-05]
(25%) Lois Sidway [nyt1986-10-03]
(34%) Alex K. Justin [nyt1997-11-24]
(29%) By Lucky Barrett / Timothy Parker [up2007-01-26]
up2008-02-222008-02-2215x15FIGHT THE URGEBy Austin Meyers / Timothy ParkerAFRO_ACHE(81%) By Ed Early [up2004-07-28]
up2008-02-242008-02-2415x15FILL UPBy Alex Swann / Timothy ParkerSLOBS_SCAB(93%) By Alice Walker [up2004-07-15]
up2008-02-272008-02-2715x15HAPPY TRAILSBy Candice Wolfe / Timothy ParkerOLLA_OBS(79%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-06-18]
(79%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-06-02]
up2008-02-292008-02-2915x15SIMPLE MATHBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSTEM_STET(31%) ??? [ch2000-01-13]
up2008-03-012008-03-0115x15TRULY YOURSBy Austin Meyers / Timothy ParkerEMUS_ETCH(27%) Gregory E. Paul [nyt1997-10-13]
(88%) By Moses A. Chance [up2004-06-15]
up2008-03-032008-03-0315x15PEDAL TO THE METALBy Mack Henry / Timothy ParkerTACT_TRAMP(87%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2003-11-22]
up2008-03-042008-03-0415x15BYE-BYEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerNAACP_NABS(91%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-12-26]
up2008-03-072008-03-0715x15END RESULTSBy Linda Robins / Timothy ParkerANI_APODAL(85%) By Joy C. Frank [up2004-06-10]
up2008-03-102008-03-1015x15SOLVING THE YANKEESBy Andrew Collins / Timothy ParkerTUTEE_TIPOF(91%) By James E. Buell [usa2004-10-07]
up2008-03-212008-03-2115x15HOW TO STAY ON TOPBy Lucky Barrett / Timothy ParkerRAIL_REHAB(75%) By Alice Walker [up2004-10-21]
up2008-03-242008-03-2415x15MAPPED OUTBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerKILLS_KGB(87%) By Marjorie Berg [up2003-02-11]
up2008-03-282008-03-2815x15CIRCULAR FILEBy Emmet Coffie / Timothy ParkerNAIF_NEWTS(93%) By Charles B. Slack [up2003-05-14]
up2008-03-292008-03-2915x15APPLE SAUCEBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerNASA_NESTED(94%) By Lynn Lempel - Editor Tim Parker [up2003-02-12]
up2008-03-302008-03-3015x15SCRAM!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSLAT_SHOT(94%) By Robert Gensler [up2003-08-04]
up2008-04-012008-04-0115x15THE EYES HAVE ITBy Courtney Curt / Timothy ParkerSONE_SORBET(28%) Elizabeth C. Gorski [nyt1997-08-19]
up2008-04-042008-04-0415x15TALK, TALK, TALKBy Ed Del Ray / Timothy ParkerFLAY_FRIARS(31%) by Elizabeth C Gorski 010223 [lat2001-02-23]
up2008-04-062008-04-0615x15HISTORY LESSONBy Agnes Dyer / Timothy ParkerSPAM_SHOP(39%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2007-02-22]
up2008-04-072008-04-0715x15EQUIPMENT MANAGERBy Mary Hart / Timothy ParkerORTS_OPALS(91%) By Jim Page [up1999-06-21]
up2008-04-082008-04-0815x15A DAY AT THE BEACHBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerOGLE_OASES(95%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-07-30]
(95%) By Kay Puttnam / Timothy Parker [usa2006-04-05]
up2008-04-102008-04-1015x15SOMETHING TO DOBy Eric Prance / Timothy ParkerWALE_WISH(89%) By Ann M. Unrein [up2002-02-18]
(87%) By Amy Grossman / Timothy Parker [usa2006-10-02]
up2008-04-112008-04-1115x15GET DOWNBy Lance Rock / Timothy ParkerSERA_SANDED(89%) By Barbara Olson [up2000-07-27]
up2008-04-122008-04-1215x15WEDDING PREPARATIONBy Ashton Fleer / Timothy ParkerATEAM_AMMO(71%) By Holden Baker [up2000-06-10]
up2008-04-132008-04-1315x15SOMETHING'S MISSINGBy Joyce Upton / Timothy ParkerACCORD_AFAR(90%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-05-07]
up2008-04-212008-04-2115x15UTTER NONSENSEBy Vonn Lucas / Timothy ParkerSTELE_STUB(88%) By E.c. Williams [up2003-02-04]
up2008-04-222008-04-2215x15FOREST RANGERBy Skip Daucette / Timothy ParkerPANTS_PARR(94%) By E.c. Williams [up2003-02-10]
up2008-04-232008-04-2315x15HAIR TO STAYBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerPACA_PACES(99%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-12-18]
up2008-04-242008-04-2415x15HOT TIMESBy Andrew Gere / Timothy ParkerLOBE_LPS(86%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-02-28]
up2008-04-252008-04-2515x15HOOP DREAMSBy Candice Walls / Timothy ParkerSABLE_STDS(89%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-01-31]
up2008-04-272008-04-2715x15BRINGING THE PAINBy Hank Banks / Timothy ParkerPICAS_PAST(92%) By David Covill [up2003-02-21]
up2008-04-282008-04-2815x15OFF THE WALLBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerDANUBE_DAFT(25%) By Martin Ashwood-Smith [cs1997-07-29]
(94%) By Ed Early [up2003-02-22]
up2008-04-292008-04-2915x15HARD TO SWALLOWBy Marcus Azure / Timothy ParkerPEEK_PASS(96%) By Ed Early [up2003-02-26]
up2008-04-302008-04-3015x15WINDOW DISPLAYBy Andrew Gere / Timothy ParkerDISCS_DASH(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-02-19]
up2008-05-012008-05-0115x15SURVIVING MAXIMSBy Libby Hornberg / Timothy ParkerDANCE_DANS(95%) By James E. Buell [up2001-11-03]
(95%) By James E. Buell [up2003-02-06]
up2008-05-022008-05-0215x15BLOW BY BLOWBy Skip Daucette / Timothy ParkerANTI_ARCS(98%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2003-01-07]
(96%) By Kelly Wilmark / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-25]
up2008-05-032008-05-0315x15MEN HOLDING COURTBy George Meyers / Timothy ParkerJACOB_JAM(93%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Timothy Parker [up2002-12-11]
up2008-05-042008-05-0415x15COME AROUNDBy Clyde Cranepool / Timothy ParkerCSA_CANTAB(91%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-02-20]
up2008-05-052008-05-0515x15GEAR HEADSBy Hank Banks / Timothy ParkerCZARS_CAYS(79%) By Gail Grabowski [up2003-11-06]
up2008-05-062008-05-0615x15MEAL TIMEBy Andre Clarkson / Timothy ParkerTOTEM_TABS(27%) By Paula Gamache [cs2006-07-22]
(94%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-12-10]
up2008-05-072008-05-0715x15MATTER OF FACTBy Kelsey Lanyer / Timothy ParkerTRUSS_TBSP(96%) By Barry C. Silk [up2003-12-04]
up2008-05-082008-05-0815x15TIE ONE ONBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerADHOC_AHSO(87%) By Sarah Keller [up2003-10-25]
up2008-05-092008-05-0915x15THIS AND THATBy Kelsey Lanyer / Timothy ParkerDCCP_DYAD(93%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2003-11-28]
up2008-05-102008-05-1015x15WOOD YOU MIND?By Emma Gladd / Timothy ParkerBOMB_BREE(93%) By Marjorie Berg [up2003-02-27]
up2008-05-112008-05-1115x15PUT IT THERE!By Courtney Curt / Timothy ParkerDROP_DROLL(87%) By Alan Olschwang [up2004-01-21]
up2008-05-122008-05-1215x15PLAYING THE NUMBERSBy Andrew Gere / Timothy ParkerHDTV_HAD(87%) By David E. Murchie [up2004-04-17]
up2008-05-132008-05-1315x15MAKE A FISTBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerEACH_EATS(96%) By Lane Gutz [up2004-05-07]
up2008-05-142008-05-1415x15ADORABLEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerCHAD_CWTS(91%) By James E. Buell [up2004-05-30]
up2008-05-152008-05-1515x15IN SECRETBy Marcus Azure / Timothy ParkerTALE_TAMPA(98%) By Joy C. Frank [up2004-04-21]
up2008-05-162008-05-1615x15UP WHERE YOU BELONGBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLOOK_LEO(95%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-05-28]
up2008-05-172008-05-1715x15RAT TRAPBy Andre Clarkson / Timothy ParkerCLAP_CHAW(90%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-04-12]
up2008-05-182008-05-1815x15HE'S SO TYPICALBy Oscar Fremantle / Timothy ParkerABRA_ABROAD(91%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2004-05-09]
up2008-05-192008-05-1915x15FAKERSBy Aaron Moore / Timothy ParkerLOBO_LIRA(94%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2004-06-17]
up2008-05-212008-05-2115x15LIGHTS ONBy Jules Mack / Timothy ParkerASPCA_ABS(95%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-03-02]
up2008-05-222008-05-2215x15DOG CAREBy Marsha Handley / Timothy ParkerSMASH_SLING(80%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-06-29]
up2008-05-232008-05-2315x15TAIL TRAILSBy Emma Gladd / Timothy ParkerSORES_SOPH(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-06-30]
up2008-05-242008-05-2415x15AND AWAY WE GOBy Hugh Lester / Timothy ParkerBELA_BAH(97%) By Ted Milspaugh [up2004-06-23]
up2008-05-252008-05-2515x15IRE LANDBy Hope Stansfield / Timothy ParkerSHUE_SAFE(95%) By James E. Buell [up2004-03-01]
up2008-05-272008-05-2715x15MOO!By Alicia Evanston / Timothy ParkerPSALM_PADRE(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-08-01]
up2008-05-302008-05-3015x15I ALREADY ATEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerMOTOR_MASON(92%) By James E. Buell [up2004-08-23]
up2008-05-312008-05-3115x15SPEED RACERBy Aaron Moore / Timothy ParkerHUMPS_HAREM(100%) By James E. Buell [up2004-08-11]
up2008-06-012008-06-0115x15SUIT TO A TEEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerARCED_ALBA(92%) By Barry C. Silk [up2004-08-08]
up2008-06-022008-06-0215x15FIGHTING WORDSBy Marsha Handley / Timothy ParkerGOAT_GASP(92%) By Robert Gensler [up2004-09-01]
up2008-06-042008-06-0415x15UNWELCOME MATBy Morgan Luck / Timothy ParkerMAST_MECCA(92%) By Steven Kahn [up2004-09-18]
up2008-06-052008-06-0515x15WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?By Tom Genners / Timothy ParkerPDAS_PAH(88%) By Norm Guggenbiller [up2004-09-22]
up2008-06-062008-06-0615x15JOINT ACTIONBy Jeff Capers / Timothy ParkerSMEW_SPASMS(91%) By Joy M. Andrews [up2004-08-21]
up2008-06-082008-06-0815x15MATERIALISMBy Courtney Curt / Timothy ParkerNESS_NAACP(30%) By Vickie L. Spear [up2004-09-05]
up2008-06-122008-06-1215x15INITIAL DRAFTBy Hank Bauer / Timothy ParkerBABU_BEINGS(29%) A. J. Santora [nyt1996-07-25]
up2008-06-132008-06-1315x15NOT SO OBVIOUSBy Andy Couffield / Timothy ParkerSASSY_SABA(96%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-12-02]
up2008-06-162008-06-1615x15NAP TIMEBy Macy Luck / Timothy ParkerCBS_CAPT(89%) By Jim Page [up1999-05-15]
(89%) By Jim Page [up2004-12-21]
up2008-06-172008-06-1715x15CALM DOWNBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerUNMAN_USSR(81%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-12-12]
up2008-06-182008-06-1815x15PROPER SETTINGBy Dennis Halmet / Timothy ParkerCRAG_CLAD(88%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2004-12-07]
up2008-06-192008-06-1915x15UNDERCOVER PUZZLEBy Charles Hearn / Timothy ParkerMOWS_MANS(91%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2001-11-13]
up2008-06-202008-06-2015x15TINGE OF PUZZLEMENTBy Tom Genners / Timothy ParkerABC_ACHE(26%) by Rich Norris, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-01-04]
(26%) by Rich Norris, edited by Stanley Newman [nw1999-01-04]
up2008-06-222008-06-2215x15THE PIPER'S SONS?By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerGOBI_GATE(91%) By Harvey Estes [up2001-11-22]
up2008-06-232008-06-2315x15AFTER DINNERBy Vernon Boyles / Timothy ParkerFLOG_FLAB(85%) By Holden Baker [up2001-01-09]
up2008-06-252008-06-2515x15HATS OFFBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerCHAP_CABS(91%) By Ron Halverson [up2002-07-08]
up2008-06-282008-06-2815x15GRADE SCHOOL EVENTBy Emily Lewis / Timothy ParkerPARKA_PLASMA(87%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-07-17]
up2008-06-292008-06-2915x15WET DISHESBy Beverly Grant / Timothy ParkerSERF_SKI(87%) By Vivian O. Collins [up2002-11-18]
up2008-06-302008-06-3015x15OUTSPOKENBy Charles Hearn / Timothy ParkerADDS_ASHIER(91%) By Ed Early [up2001-05-26]
up2008-07-012008-07-0115x15PASSING NOTESBy Darius Bell / Timothy ParkerDTS_DEFACE(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-09-28]
up2008-07-022008-07-0215x15SILENCE IS GOLDENBy Tom Genners / Timothy ParkerSLOP_SPAS(31%) Gregory E. Paul [nyt2000-03-06]
up2008-07-032008-07-0315x15HOW ARE HUE?By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSUPER_SCUP(89%) By Holden Baker [up2001-05-05]
(89%) By Gil Holley / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-05]
up2008-07-042008-07-0415x15WALKING ON AIRBy Horace Clark / Timothy ParkerNASA_NOBLE(98%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-11-26]
up2008-07-052008-07-0515x15HEALTHY CHOICESBy Marcus Valdon / Timothy ParkerDORAG_DATE(80%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-05-13]
up2008-07-062008-07-0615x15HI AND MIGHTYBy Mike Tomkins / Timothy ParkerPEDAL_PITH(93%) By Myles Callum [up2001-03-15]
up2008-07-102008-07-1015x15WHERE ARE YOU?By Beverly Grant / Timothy ParkerKABOB_KATS(88%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-04-24]
up2008-07-142008-07-1415x15ARC DE TRIOMPHEBy Candice Gray / Timothy ParkerBABA_BLANC(95%) By Ed Early [up2001-11-11]
up2008-07-152008-07-1515x15E-E-EASY DOES ITBy Alexandra Wright / Timothy ParkerCEDES_CPU(94%) By Ben Ostrowsky [up2001-11-16]
up2008-07-162008-07-1615x15FISHY BUSINESSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerTYPE_THEA(94%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-11-01]
up2008-07-172008-07-1715x15STRAIGHT DOWNBy Lane Kafti / Timothy ParkerGAMS_GECKO(93%) By Alan Paul Olschwang [up2001-10-12]
up2008-07-182008-07-1815x15A DAY AT THE BEACHBy Ace Keane / Timothy ParkerBOTH_BOWIE(94%) By Lynn Lempel [up2001-11-09]
up2008-07-212008-07-2115x15ON EDGEBy Pamela Jetty / Timothy ParkerSHOO_STEAM(87%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-12-22]
up2008-07-292008-07-2915x15IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENTBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerACTA_ATHOS(92%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2002-10-11]
up2008-07-302008-07-3015x15DO IT YOURSELFBy Pamela Jetty / Timothy ParkerHIFIS_HEAT(93%) By E.c. Williams [up2001-08-29]
(93%) By E.c. Williams [up2001-12-05]
(93%) By Carl Cranby / Timothy Parker [up2006-07-12]
up2008-08-012008-08-0115x15X-TRA SPECIALBy Robert Holcum / Timothy ParkerTIMES_TAR(94%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-01-12]
up2008-08-042008-08-0415x15A EVERY OTHER PUZZLEBy Lucy Jannett / Timothy ParkerSLAG_SHACK(91%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-01-23]
up2008-08-052008-08-0515x15NONSTOP FUNBy Luther Valkes / Timothy ParkerAHAB_ARIA(38%) Gregory E. Paul [nyt2000-07-24]
up2008-08-062008-08-0615x15FELINITYBy Pamela Jetty / Timothy ParkerSTAS_STEWS(93%) By Jay Sullivan [up2000-02-23]
up2008-08-092008-08-0915x15BOYS, BOYS, BOYSBy Cammie Wheatly / Timothy ParkerODDS_OMEN(83%) By John Underwood [up2000-05-31]
up2008-08-112008-08-1115x15TIGHTWADSBy Luke Moore / Timothy ParkerESAU_EDAMS(92%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-03-18]
up2008-08-122008-08-1215x15LITTLE VEGGIESBy Lois Laughlin / Timothy ParkerALECS_ARGO(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-08-25]
up2008-08-152008-08-1515x15BODY TALKBy Emmet Grover / Timothy ParkerACHE_AITS(94%) By James E. Buell [up2003-08-11]
up2008-08-162008-08-1615x15DELAY OF THE LANDBy Mennie Wallach / Timothy ParkerBABAR_BABE(95%) By Gail Grabowski [up2002-08-06]
up2008-08-172008-08-1715x15QUITE AN ARRANGEMENTBy Luther Vakes / Timothy ParkerEBON_EXPEL(93%) By Joseph Mantell [up2000-02-29]
up2008-08-182008-08-1815x15HEARD OVER BREAKFASTBy Mason Lorry / Timothy ParkerMDS_MPS(84%) By Norm Guggenbiller [up2003-10-28]
up2008-08-192008-08-1915x15WOMEN'S WEARBy Ammie Cooper / Timothy ParkerUTAH_USSR(93%) By Ed Early [up2003-11-07]
up2008-08-202008-08-2015x15MONEY MATTERSBy Jill Jordan / Timothy ParkerRAMP_RADII(91%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2003-10-16]
up2008-08-212008-08-2115x15ROUND TRIPPERBy Cambridge Reed / Timothy ParkerPCTS_POOF(87%) By Stanley B. Whitten [up2003-10-08]
up2008-08-222008-08-2215x15EXCUSES, EXCUSESBy Roslyn Ashe / Timothy ParkerDATES_DALIS(92%) By Jerry E. Rosman [up2003-11-01]
up2008-08-232008-08-2315x15LEIGH ABOUTBy Mennie Wallach / Timothy ParkerCDRS_CRONUS(93%) By Harvey Estes [up2002-07-07]
up2008-08-242008-08-2415x15LOSERS ALLBy Ken Damler / Timothy ParkerLULUS_LOLA(100%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2003-12-03]
up2008-08-252008-08-2515x15YOU CAN DO ITBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerAFRO_ADAM(91%) By Gayle Dean [usa2005-03-31]
up2008-08-262008-08-2615x15BAND STANDBy Pamela Jetty / Timothy ParkerACHY_AAHS(78%) By Kevin Narrows / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-15]
up2008-08-292008-08-2915x15MATH CLASSBy Mary Genary / Timothy ParkerGALE_GALAS(95%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-08-07]
up2008-08-302008-08-3015x15MAKING SPACEBy Luther Vakes / Timothy ParkerDADS_DIMS(94%) By George Keller [up2005-06-27]
up2008-08-312008-08-3115x15PAPER TRAILBy Joyce Seward / Timothy ParkerSPUR_SPF(72%) By Leslie Culpepper / Timothy Parker [up2006-02-04]
up2008-09-022008-09-0215x15A TRIP TO THE ZOOBy Roslyn Ashe / Timothy ParkerATF_ATZERO(85%) By Dave & Diane Epperson [up2000-09-05]
up2008-09-032008-09-0315x15CREATURE COMFORTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerPROP_PSST(84%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-07-01]
up2008-09-072008-09-0715x15THE BACK ROOMBy Jill Jordan / Timothy ParkerSEEPS_STET(88%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2003-04-13]
up2008-09-092008-09-0915x15UNUSUAL ROUTINEBy Roslyn Ashe / Timothy ParkerMOANS_MVPS(40%) By Norman S. Wizer [up1999-08-01]
(94%) By Robert Gensler [up2003-06-10]
up2008-09-102008-09-1015x15SPEED TRAPBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerHATCH_HIFI(93%) By Merle Baker [up2003-07-07]
up2008-09-112008-09-1115x15FAMILY TREE BRANCHESBy Candice Gray / Timothy ParkerATTAR_ADDS(95%) By Robert Gensler [up2003-10-20]
(93%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [usa2007-04-18]
up2008-09-122008-09-1215x15CD COLLECTIONBy Mason Lorry / Timothy ParkerBLTS_BLOC(94%) By Janet R. Bender [up2003-04-30]
up2008-09-132008-09-1315x15SHES IN FRONTBy Lois Laughlin / Timothy ParkerBLIPS_BPMS(95%) By David Covill [up2003-04-02]
up2008-09-142008-09-1415x15PUNCH INBy Luther Vakes / Timothy ParkerSPAY_SAWS(89%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-05-23]
up2008-09-152008-09-1515x15MOVE ITBy Manny Lowes / Timothy ParkerANION_AMP(100%) By Robert H. Wolfe [up2004-08-20]
up2008-09-162008-09-1615x15TEMPORARY SANITYBy Lizzie Swathmore / Timothy ParkerASTI_ABE(84%) By Norm Guggenbiller [up2004-08-12]
up2008-09-232008-09-2315x15AH, COME ON!By Joyce Winters / Timothy ParkerSTAB_SPAM(42%) S. L. Robbins [nyt1996-06-17]
(28%) By Lucky Barrett / Timothy Parker [up2007-01-31]
up2008-10-062008-10-0615x15TACKLE THIS PUZZLEBy Abbie Betts / Timothy ParkerTAEBO_TOCK(85%) By Alan Olschwang [up2003-03-12]
up2008-10-072008-10-0715x15SECOND AFTER SECONDBy Karen Devers / Timothy ParkerSWAMP_SLAM(81%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-02-24]
up2008-10-082008-10-0815x15HURRY UP!By Jill Cohan / Timothy ParkerACTS_AGHA(88%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-03-26]
(88%) By Avery Rice / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-03]
up2008-10-102008-10-1015x15FINELY TAILOREDBy Andy Beck / Timothy ParkerSKATE_SASS(94%) By Ed Early [up2004-03-21]
up2008-10-122008-10-1215x15APPLYING SPINBy Karin Esterly / Timothy ParkerTHOU_TONSIL(90%) By Barbara Olson [up2004-04-28]
up2008-10-132008-10-1315x15LOSERS WEEPERSBy Craig McVain / Timothy ParkerWOLF_WALL(92%) Em All [up2003-06-11]
up2008-10-142008-10-1415x15AIR GUN FUNBy Andy Fischer / Timothy ParkerOPTIC_ORBS(90%) By Holden Baker [up2003-07-19]
up2008-10-152008-10-1515x15WELL-ROUNDEDBy Kelsey Lanyer / Timothy ParkerBASEL_BESTS(91%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-04-04]
up2008-10-162008-10-1615x15DRAFT DAYBy Carmen Lou / Timothy ParkerTIBET_TUCKS(77%) By James E. Buell [up2004-03-11]
up2008-10-172008-10-1715x15MOTION SICKNESSBy Kane Drew / Timothy ParkerSPUD_SASH(90%) By Ed Early [up2003-08-24]
up2008-10-182008-10-1815x15EARN YOUR KEEPBy Elmore Gay / Timothy ParkerGBS_GLOSS(88%) By Ernest Lampert [up2004-11-28]
up2008-10-192008-10-1915x15GIVE HIM A HANDBy Cole Hans / Timothy ParkerMETAL_MOM(87%) By Allan E. Parrish [up2004-05-02]
up2008-10-202008-10-2015x15AFTER WORKBy Luther Vakes / Timothy ParkerHEATS_HAS(95%) By Gail Grabowski [up2004-03-10]
up2008-10-212008-10-2115x15FRUIT COCKTAILBy Linda Hoffman / Timothy ParkerRAYED_REARS(90%) By Ed Early [up2004-03-12]
up2008-10-222008-10-2215x15DONT PUSHBy Abbie Betts / Timothy ParkerSERF_SAT(91%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-05-17]
up2008-10-232008-10-2315x15LIGHT IT UPBy Cameron Rooney / Timothy ParkerANTIC_ASTRO(80%) By Ed Early [up2004-04-10]
up2008-10-272008-10-2715x15IN THE BLOCKSBy Cole Hans / Timothy ParkerATMS_AARE(26%) By Mel Rosen [cs2007-11-26]
(25%) By Scot Ober [up2002-07-09]
(91%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-06-24]
(25%) By Casey Rumblach / Timothy Parker [up2006-10-19]
up2008-10-282008-10-2815x15ITS NOT UNUSUALBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCALI_CARA(93%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-07-07]
up2008-10-302008-10-3015x15GYM DAYBy Mindy Harkley / Timothy ParkerSHAVE_SAP(87%) By Robert H. Wolfe [up2004-07-23]
up2008-11-012008-11-0115x15BEFORE THE VOTEBy Cameron Rooney / Timothy ParkerPROD_PAVES(93%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-09-07]
up2008-11-022008-11-0215x15RULES DO NOT APPLYBy Carmen Lou / Timothy ParkerSAMBA_SPAWN(93%) By Diane C. Baldwin [up2004-05-19]
up2008-11-032008-11-0315x15YOUTHFUL FUNBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLACES_LED(95%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-09-15]
up2008-11-042008-11-0415x15LET THE SIDESHOW BEGINBy Lucy Jannett / Timothy ParkerGASUP_GATS(95%) By Kendall Twigg [up2004-06-06]
up2008-11-052008-11-0515x15WHATS WHAT?By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBASH_BRIE(95%) By Holden Baker [up2003-09-10]
up2008-11-062008-11-0615x15THATS HOTBy Alfred Reeds / Timothy ParkerOWES_OBSCURE(90%) By Janet Bender [up2003-09-13]
up2008-11-092008-11-0915x15MAKING PROGRESSBy Arnold Landers / Timothy ParkerASEA_ACTS(25%) William Lutwiniak [nyt1981-02-20]
(91%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-01-06]
(93%) By Paul Fitz [up2005-08-25]
up2008-11-102008-11-1015x15NICE THINGSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerPACT_PARCH(98%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-02-02]
up2008-11-112008-11-1115x15COURTING DISASTERBy Jeffrey Hanes / Timothy ParkerDECK_DHAL(92%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-06-06]
(84%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-12-30]
up2008-11-122008-11-1215x15THINKING GREENBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerSTAR_STOP(95%) By Sefton Boyars [up1999-06-02]
up2008-11-132008-11-1315x15NOT THE GOLD STANDARDBy Kirk Lambus / Timothy ParkerMOWN_MAMA(94%) By Michael R. Curl [up2002-08-12]
up2008-11-142008-11-1415x15DOUBLESPEAKBy Kalfi Lauder / Timothy ParkerCEDE_CAFES(94%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-11-30]
(94%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-01-26]
up2008-11-152008-11-1515x15HOWS THE WEATHERBy June Mayweather / Timothy ParkerSANG_SAAB(88%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-08-16]
up2008-11-172008-11-1715x15WAIST MANAGEMENTBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerARCH_ACRE(88%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-01-24]
up2008-11-182008-11-1815x15MR. PRESIDENTBy Edgar Vanes / Timothy ParkerTATS_TRAPS(93%) By Nellie Becker [usa2003-07-22]
up2008-11-192008-11-1915x15SECOND TO NONEBy Bruce Manders / Timothy ParkerBANDB_BIDE(95%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-11-17]
up2008-11-202008-11-2015x15MYSTIC PIZZABy Kalfi Lauder / Timothy ParkerABA_ANNALS(95%) By Joy C. Frank [up2004-11-15]
up2008-11-212008-11-2115x15MIND YOUR BUSINESSBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerSRI_SHOWME(96%) By Gary Steinmehl [up2004-11-12]
up2008-11-232008-11-2315x15NO PLACE LIKE HOMEBy Dillion Matthews / Timothy ParkerSCATS_SLED(90%) By Lynn Lempel [up2004-11-11]
up2008-11-242008-11-2415x15TAKE YOUR BEST SHOTBy Cole Hans / Timothy ParkerPITA_PAPA(95%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-12-01]
up2008-11-252008-11-2515x15STEALTH SOLVINGBy James Abrams / Timothy ParkerWATER_WAGS(31%) Marjorie Berg [nyt2000-07-03]
(98%) By Robert Trickle [up2004-11-16]
up2008-11-262008-11-2615x15THE PHRASE THAT PAYSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBANTU_BUSH(90%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-12-06]
up2008-11-272008-11-2715x15EYES CLOSEDBy Alexander Greenley / Timothy ParkerINAPT_INS(88%) By A.j. Santora [up2004-11-18]
up2008-11-282008-11-2815x15PLANT ONE HEREBy Bruce Manders / Timothy ParkerSAMBA_SAW(96%) By Ben Tausig [up2004-11-23]
up2008-11-292008-11-2915x15PUZZLE FOR TWOBy Edgar Vanes / Timothy ParkerSHIV_SNIDE(93%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2004-11-24]
up2008-11-302008-11-3015x15RUN RIOTBy Christopher Lampley / Timothy ParkerBARE_BAY(95%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-11-22]
up2008-12-012008-12-0115x15STOVETOP STUFFINGBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSCREW_SIMPS(95%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-05-27]
up2008-12-022008-12-0215x15STOCK IN TRADEBy Cole Hans / Timothy ParkerSHIN_STAG(91%) By Sefton Boyars [up2004-12-16]
up2008-12-032008-12-0315x15HARDWARE STOREBy Jay Sullivan / Timothy ParkerPAPA_PASTA(96%) By Jay Sullivan [up1999-11-05]
(96%) By Jay Sullivan [up2004-12-20]
up2008-12-052008-12-0515x15DIAL IT UPBy Dillion Matthews / Timothy ParkerLOOP_LEAHS(25%) Patrick Merrell [nyt2006-02-08]
(76%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-04-08]
up2008-12-072008-12-0715x15DOZING OFFBy Edgar Vanes / Timothy ParkerAGO_AMPS(89%) By Jim Page [up1999-05-15]
(89%) By Jim Page [up2004-12-21]
(89%) By Macy Luck / Timothy Parker [up2008-06-16]
up2008-12-082008-12-0815x15FARE GAMEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerBABAS_BAS(94%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-03-28]
(94%) By Mitch Komro [usa2005-01-04]
up2008-12-092008-12-0915x15ADD SEASONINGBy June Mayweather / Timothy ParkerCAWED_CBS(89%) By Mitch Komro [up2000-03-14]
up2008-12-102008-12-1015x15COLOR COORDINATEDBy Jill Cohan / Timothy ParkerSTRAP_SPRY(89%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2000-03-04]
up2008-12-112008-12-1115x15HANG EM HIGHBy Spencer Colby / Timothy ParkerPERK_PAL(96%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-03-20]
up2008-12-152008-12-1515x15SHAPELYBy Gareth Bain / Timothy ParkerEDDAS_ETD(73%) By Patrick Mcconville [up2005-05-05]
up2008-12-162008-12-1615x15GROAN INDUCERSBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerOPAH_OTIC(83%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-08-02]
(87%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-05-02]
up2008-12-172008-12-1715x15FORM A LINEBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerITS_IFS(88%) By Charles B. Slack [up2004-10-11]
up2008-12-192008-12-1915x15ON THE ROAD AGAINBy Dance Jollie / Timothy ParkerADAB_ASAP(98%) By Patrick Mcconville [up2005-05-03]
up2008-12-222008-12-2215x15BACK AND FORTHBy Jill Cohan / Timothy ParkerTHAR_TESLA(93%) By Alan Olschwang [up2002-02-03]
up2008-12-232008-12-2315x15BEATING THE BUSHESBy June Mayweather / Timothy ParkerREST_RUSES(83%) By James E. Buell [up2000-12-02]
(83%) By Dawn Dane / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-09]
up2008-12-252008-12-2515x15A TRADITIONAL CROSSWORDBy Spencer Colby / Timothy ParkerDOGIE_DAFT(91%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-12-25]
up2008-12-272008-12-2715x15CHAIRPERSONBy Sharon Petersen / Timothy ParkerFLAKE_FREE(82%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-08-02]
up2008-12-282008-12-2815x15FORM AN OPINIONBy Bruce Manders / Timothy ParkerAFLAC_AMS(89%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-02-18]
(82%) By Lucas Breme [up2005-09-18]
up2008-12-292008-12-2915x15DING-DONGBy Sharon Petersen / Timothy ParkerRAT_REPS(85%) By Daniel Arturo - Edited By Timothy Parker [up2002-12-29]
up2008-12-302008-12-3015x15DAILY DOSEBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerSCALP_SSS(95%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-26]
(95%) By Henry Quarters / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-26]
up2008-12-312008-12-3115x15SOLID FOUNDATIONBy Christopher Lampley / Timothy ParkerASEC_AHS(93%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2003-05-08]

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