Universal uClick, 2009

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2009xdidDateSizeTitleAuthorEditorCopyright1Across_1DownSimilar Previous Grids
up2009-01-012009-01-0115x15FINDING CLOSUREBy Dance Jollie / Timothy ParkerSAGA_SENT(94%) By Nellie G. Becker [up2003-12-24]
(96%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2007-11-07]
up2009-01-022009-01-0215x15IM A-OKBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerFRAU_FLAKED(90%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-24]
up2009-01-062009-01-0615x15THE FISH ARE JUMPINGBy Spencer Colby / Timothy ParkerCHEF_CHASM(91%) By Ron Halverson [usa2005-01-03]
up2009-01-072009-01-0715x15HERES TOOL YOUBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLEGO_LEAH(89%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-06-03]
up2009-01-082009-01-0815x15GET UPBy James Abrams / Timothy ParkerSHREK_SHMEAR(88%) By James Page / Timothy Parker [usa2006-01-05]
up2009-01-092009-01-0915x15SAUCE SAMPLEBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerBASH_BAHT(87%) By Randall J. Hartman [up2004-04-16]
up2009-01-102009-01-1015x15IM OKBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerLINO_LAHR(80%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2003-08-12]
up2009-01-112009-01-1115x15DIRECTORS CUTBy Christopher Lampley / Timothy ParkerHUTU_HOBBLE(88%) By Diane Epperson [up1999-12-17]
(89%) By Diane Epperson [up2005-02-19]
up2009-01-122009-01-1215x15WEEKLY READERBy Hank Dellmen / Timothy ParkerTAMP_TOOBAD(78%) By Joy C. Frank [up2005-01-01]
up2009-01-132009-01-1315x15NIGHT NIGHTBy James Abrams / Timothy ParkerTRAP_TROTH(89%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-07-11]
up2009-01-172009-01-1715x15CHEER UPBy Sharon Post / Timothy ParkerKABOB_KLIEG(97%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-09-21]
up2009-01-192009-01-1915x15GOOD THINKINGBy Christopher Lampley / Timothy ParkerBRIS_BOAT(78%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-07-19]
(78%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-05-25]
up2009-01-202009-01-2015x15WARM AND TOASTYBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerANEW_ABBEYS(86%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-01-28]
up2009-01-212009-01-2115x15READING IS FUNDAMENTALBy Hank Dellman / Timothy ParkerBEES_BABA(88%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2000-09-11]
(88%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2001-06-05]
(90%) By John Sherwood / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-15]
up2009-01-222009-01-2215x15DECIDING THE EASY WAYBy Spencer Colby / Timothy ParkerCAPS_CHARGE(92%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-09-10]
up2009-01-232009-01-2315x15FOUND AT HOMEBy Lindsey Weaver / Timothy ParkerFIRST_FATS(91%) By Lynn Lempel [up2005-01-12]
up2009-01-252009-01-2515x15FOR PETITE SOLVERS ONLYBy Eric Dasher / Timothy ParkerTOFU_TEMPO(89%) By E.C. Williams [up2000-09-07]
up2009-01-262009-01-2615x15FLAP IN THE BREEZEBy Rob Denny / Timothy ParkerFAULT_FREE(80%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-07-05]
(89%) By Zinny Zeapher / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-11]
up2009-01-272009-01-2715x15WHOS THE BOSS?By Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerFEES_FOCI(81%) By James E. Buell [up2000-09-17]
(79%) By Isaiah Burke / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-01]
up2009-01-282009-01-2815x15SNACK PACKBy Eric Dasher / Timothy ParkerSALT_STEPPE(86%) By Joy C. Frank [usa2005-02-04]
up2009-01-292009-01-2915x15SAY WHAT?By James Abrams / Timothy ParkerBUSH_BISTRO(71%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-09-19]
(72%) By Andy Pinner / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-12]
up2009-01-302009-01-3015x15ON BROADWAYBy Hank Dellman / Timothy ParkerAMEN_ANKH(45%) ??? [ch2000-05-01]
(89%) By Robert Gensler [up2000-09-15]
(88%) By Seth Miller / Timothy Parker [up2005-12-29]
up2009-01-312009-01-3115x15TRAVEL GUIDEBy George Keller / Timothy ParkerCALLS_CAVIL(88%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-09-03]
up2009-02-012009-02-0115x15CHILDS HIDE AND SEEKBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerLEAPED_LICIT(89%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-09-13]
up2009-02-022009-02-0215x15FAMILY MATTERSBy Rob Denny / Timothy ParkerARCS_AMBLE(83%) By Ernest Lampert [up2000-01-08]
up2009-02-032009-02-0315x15SQUEALING FOR FUNBy Jerome Jakes / Timothy ParkerPERSE_PLUMB(96%) By Gayle Dean [up2004-11-30]
up2009-02-042009-02-0415x15SOLVING FOR HOW LONG?By Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerIDLE_IOTA(85%) By Tony Mupo [up2000-01-16]
(92%) By Tony Mupo [up2005-02-16]
up2009-02-052009-02-0515x15WET BLANKETSBy Dance Jollie / Timothy ParkerALAE_ALACK(83%) By Holden Baker [up2000-01-19]
(83%) By Holden Baker [up2005-03-03]
up2009-02-062009-02-0615x15SIGHT UNSEENBy Jim Lilly / Timothy ParkerAMAH_AMAS(84%) By Ron Halverson [up2004-11-08]
(83%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-02-14]
up2009-02-072009-02-0715x15GIVE EM SOME LBy Rob Denny / Timothy ParkerDUNN_DOPE(93%) By James R. Richardson [up2001-03-07]
up2009-02-092009-02-0915x15HANDYMANS SPECIALBy Eric Dasher / Timothy ParkerASKS_ACTAS(87%) 990309 [lat1999-03-09]
(89%) By Thomas Kinkaid [up2005-08-21]
up2009-02-102009-02-1015x15WATER ON THE BRAINBy Jerome Jakes / Timothy ParkerANTIS_AMID(83%) By Norman S. Wizer [up2005-01-14]
up2009-02-112009-02-1115x15A BITTERSWEET PUZZLEBy Ken Swalls / Timothy ParkerALMS_ACE(94%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-01-18]
up2009-02-122009-02-1215x15CHEESE!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMOLD_MEMOS(91%) By Alice Walker [up2005-07-13]
up2009-02-132009-02-1315x15DROP ZONEBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerGASP_GAFF(31%) By Ed Early [lat2000-06-07]
(95%) By James E. Buell [up2001-03-13]
(95%) By Seth Miller / Timothy Parker [up2005-12-07]
up2009-02-142009-02-1415x15HAVE A HEARTBy Lisa Samples / Timothy ParkerOTTOI_OFLATE(85%) By Dave Fisher [up2001-02-14]
(65%) By Everette Hastings / Timothy Parker [usa2006-02-14]
up2009-02-152009-02-1515x15STRIKE ... ALMOSTBy Glenn Ammerson / Timothy ParkerBEDS_BAH(82%) By Thomas W. Schier [up2001-05-06]
up2009-02-162009-02-1615x15LP COLLECTIONBy Hank Dellman / Timothy ParkerMAYO_MALT(96%) By Holden Baker [up2001-04-15]
up2009-02-172009-02-1715x15PLAYING THE BLUESBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerSCARS_SALADS(83%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2001-04-28]
(77%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-23]
up2009-02-182009-02-1815x15ANIMAL MAGNETISMBy Jade Macklin / Timothy ParkerROMP_RIMS(83%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-02-19]
(65%) By Gil Holley / Timothy Parker [up2006-03-18]
up2009-02-192009-02-1915x15ME TWOBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMAES_MAAMS(94%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-04-19]
up2009-02-202009-02-2015x15COMING OUT ON TOPBy Jessica Welsh / Timothy ParkerSTETS_SATED(96%) By James E. Buell [up2001-05-14]
(96%) By Alex Cole / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-30]
up2009-02-212009-02-2115x15COMPLETELY SATISFIEDBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerLSD_LIMBO(82%) By Sarah Keller [up2001-05-03]
up2009-02-222009-02-2215x15SNAP TO ITBy Eric Dasher / Timothy ParkerBANAL_BATS(93%) By James E. Buell [up2001-04-23]
(93%) By Isaiah Burke [up2005-09-06]
up2009-02-232009-02-2315x15GET GOINGBy Jim Lilly / Timothy ParkerARCH_ASH(88%) By Diane C. Baldwin [usa2004-05-03]
up2009-02-242009-02-2415x15CAN DO!By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerDELFT_DOGS(94%) By Frank R. Hammond [up2001-04-18]
up2009-02-252009-02-2515x15NOW PLAYINGBy Janice Hopp / Timothy ParkerTESS_TOWNERS(98%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-04-11]
up2009-02-262009-02-2615x15CAPITAL GAINSBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerAFAR_ADS(94%) By George Keller [up2005-08-23]
up2009-02-272009-02-2715x15GOING, GOING, GONEBy Glenda Wilson / Timothy ParkerBARED_BILL(85%) By Ed Early [up2004-08-05]
up2009-02-282009-02-2815x15FILLING ILLBy Laney West / Timothy ParkerCATER_CAB(95%) By Ben Ostrowsky [up2001-03-09]
up2009-03-012009-03-0115x15BENT OUT OF SHAPEBy Lannie Hoover / Timothy ParkerTIN_TACKLE(82%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-12-02]
(85%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2005-03-14]
up2009-03-022009-03-0215x15PLEASANT BOUQUETBy Cam Anderson / Timothy ParkerKNEE_KNIFE(89%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up1999-12-28]
(92%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [usa2005-04-28]
up2009-03-032009-03-0315x15TIES THAT BINDBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerGOLF_GASH(87%) By Holden Baker [up2000-12-11]
(87%) By Liza Crumm / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-09]
up2009-03-042009-03-0415x15TWO IN THE KITCHENBy Oliver Klamp / Timothy ParkerFOPS_FOCSLE(88%) By Praveen Goday [up2000-10-04]
up2009-03-052009-03-0515x15DATE BOOKBy Jade Macklin / Timothy ParkerOHGOD_OFID(89%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-11-02]
up2009-03-062009-03-0615x15TRAVEL GUIDEBy Janice Hopp / Timothy ParkerDAMUP_DOTH(95%) By Nick Grivas [up2000-11-04]
(92%) By Roger Coburn / Timothy Parker [up2005-12-03]
up2009-03-072009-03-0715x15BIT OF UNCERTAINTYBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSHEMP_SEGA(94%) By James E. Buell [up2004-08-09]
up2009-03-082009-03-0815x15CONSTELLATION REVELATIONSBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerPEPS_PATH(93%) By Ann M. Unrein [up2002-02-10]
up2009-03-092009-03-0915x15ONE FOR THE LADIESBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerESTA_ETHEL(88%) By Sarah Keller [usa2005-03-02]
up2009-03-102009-03-1015x15BENJAMIN BUTTON EFFECTBy Marsha Fowkles / Timothy ParkerMOMS_MESA(77%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-04-21]
up2009-03-112009-03-1115x15GREEN THUMBBy Lannie Hoover / Timothy ParkerUNWON_USSR(93%) By Robert Gensler [usa2004-03-09]
up2009-03-122009-03-1215x15PLAYING GAMESBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSALT_STAR(86%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-04-06]
up2009-03-132009-03-1315x15WELL-SUITEDBy Carrie White / Timothy ParkerWHIG_WAS(89%) By Mark Milhet [usa2005-08-25]
up2009-03-142009-03-1415x15BELOW GRADEBy Alistar Goodling / Timothy ParkerSTET_SHADS(82%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-04-18]
up2009-03-152009-03-1515x15YOU SOUND DIFFERENTBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerOHSO_OAHU(72%) By Mark Milhet [usa2004-03-15]
up2009-03-162009-03-1615x15MONEY TO BURNBy Oliver Klamp / Timothy ParkerASIA_APSE(85%) By Diane C. Baldwin [usa2005-04-27]
up2009-03-172009-03-1715x15HOME FURNISHINGSBy Glenda Wilson / Timothy ParkerCOLA_CANST(91%) By Alan Olschwang [usa2005-03-10]
up2009-03-182009-03-1815x15GIVE ME A RINGBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSPAGO_SASS(83%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [usa2005-07-21]
up2009-03-192009-03-1915x15SPY GAMEBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerMAPS_MONDE(91%) By Allan E. Parrish [usa2004-08-05]
up2009-03-202009-03-2015x15JOINING THE BANDBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerUMS_USOFA(94%) By Steve Kahn [usa2004-05-06]
up2009-03-212009-03-2115x15SHARKS IN THE WATERBy Jessica Welsh / Timothy ParkerHALT_HOLD(87%) By Alan Olschwang / Timothy Parker [usa2005-12-19]
up2009-03-222009-03-2215x15VERBS THE WORDBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerLEADA_LAB(27%) Randall J. Hartman [nyt2003-06-09]
(92%) By Venzke And Daily [usa2004-05-20]
up2009-03-232009-03-2315x15FIRE IN THE HOLEBy Cathy Banks / Timothy ParkerGOUDA_GIST(83%) By Holden Baker [usa2005-08-18]
up2009-03-242009-03-2415x15MAINTENANCE REQUIREDBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerAMID_ABBAS(91%) By James E. Buell [up2000-04-17]
(91%) By James E. Buell [usa2005-04-06]
up2009-03-252009-03-2515x15EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRYBy Carrie White / Timothy ParkerROSY_RAT(90%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-03-24]
up2009-03-262009-03-2615x15EAT AROUND THE CLOCKBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSHEEP_SHEB(89%) By Thomas W. Schier [usa2004-08-03]
up2009-03-272009-03-2715x15VOWEL MUTATIONBy Carson Benny / Timothy ParkerSEPTET_SAM(90%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2004-04-15]
up2009-03-282009-03-2815x15AROUND THE HOUSEBy Alistar Goodling / Timothy ParkerTORN_TADA(80%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2004-05-22]
up2009-03-292009-03-2915x15POLITICALLY CORRECT?By Oliver Klamp / Timothy ParkerDENSE_DAMP(85%) By Mark Milhet [up2004-08-02]
up2009-03-302009-03-3015x15SEE YOU LATERBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerORES_OLAV(91%) By Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy Parker [up2007-07-24]
(92%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-06-01]
up2009-03-312009-03-3115x15ASTRONAUT TRAININGBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerGARB_GALA(85%) By Randall J. Hartman [usa2005-05-05]
up2009-04-012009-04-0115x15ITS ALL RELATIVEBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerSPEWS_SLAB(80%) By Barry C. Silk [usa2005-06-15]
up2009-04-022009-04-0215x15BRAVO!By Judith Kramer / Timothy ParkerBALI_BECK(81%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-06-17]
(81%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-04-13]
up2009-04-032009-04-0315x15PERSONAL POSITIONSBy Luther Vakes / Timothy ParkerAHAS_ATHOME(88%) By Diane C. Baldwin / Timothy Parker [up2005-10-02]
(88%) By Kathy Dername / Timothy Parker [usa2005-12-08]
up2009-04-062009-04-0615x15CREATURE COMFORTSBy Oliver Klamp / Timothy ParkerSCOOP_SUMS(77%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2005-09-20]
up2009-04-072009-04-0715x15I GET AROUNDBy Myles Hampton / Timothy ParkerALMA_ASSET(88%) By Sylvia Thompson [usa2004-02-06]
up2009-04-082009-04-0815x15IVE GOT CONNECTIONSBy Alistar Goodling / Timothy ParkerHOLM_HOPS(80%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-06-15]
up2009-04-092009-04-0915x15IHOP TO ITBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerADOBE_ALBA(78%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-09-06]
up2009-04-102009-04-1015x15GAMBLERS WORLDBy Carson Benny / Timothy ParkerCPAS_COCAS(33%) Gordon Seaberg [nyt2005-02-07]
(88%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2004-01-19]
up2009-04-112009-04-1115x15RUBBISH!By Jessica Welsh / Timothy ParkerRANG_RIBALD(85%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-10-07]
up2009-04-122009-04-1215x15OPEN SPACESBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerHARD_HOWE(86%) By Lynn Lempel / Timothy Parker [usa2005-12-14]
up2009-04-132009-04-1315x15TWO ABREASTBy Jill Carney / Timothy ParkerSAGO_SWAMIS(81%) By Gail Grabowski [usa2004-05-27]
up2009-04-142009-04-1415x15HOWS TRICKS?By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerSPEC_SON(90%) By Fran And Lou Sabin [usa2004-04-22]
up2009-04-152009-04-1515x15PROBLEMATICBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerBAWL_BASH(83%) By Diane C. Baldwin [usa2004-05-11]
up2009-04-162009-04-1615x15IM OK, YOURE OKBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerLURK_LAPSE(77%) By Charles B. Slack [usa2004-04-20]
up2009-04-172009-04-1715x15A CLEAN MINDBy Carson Benny / Timothy ParkerMOTHS_METED(74%) By Louis Hildebrand [up2000-03-30]
(74%) By Louis Hildebrand [up2005-04-20]
up2009-04-182009-04-1815x15RACE TO THE FINISHBy Oliver Klamp / Timothy ParkerAHS_APACHE(85%) By Barry C. Silk [usa2004-08-10]
up2009-04-192009-04-1915x15DUH!By Cathy Banks / Timothy ParkerBASSI_BAIL(78%) By Jim Page [up2004-05-14]
up2009-04-202009-04-2015x15OPPOSITE MEANINGSBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerLADED_LAOS(93%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-09-13]
up2009-04-212009-04-2115x15HAPPY ON THE INSIDEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSANS_STIRS(86%) By Marjorie Richter [up1999-10-05]
(86%) By Alice Walker [up2005-06-23]
up2009-04-222009-04-2215x15SEA WHAT I MEAN?By Jill Carney / Timothy ParkerPEEPS_PHD(88%) By Ben Tausig [usa2004-10-28]
up2009-04-232009-04-2315x15ITS A MATERIAL WORLDBy Cathy Banks / Timothy ParkerPERIL_POSE(72%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [usa2005-09-19]
up2009-04-242009-04-2415x15HIGH PITCHESBy Carrie White / Timothy ParkerAHAS_AMIS(87%) By Raymond Hamel / Timothy Parker [usa2005-12-15]
up2009-04-252009-04-2515x15IN SEASONBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerARABY_AHS(96%) By Gordon Seaberg [usa2004-04-21]
up2009-04-262009-04-2615x15TROUBLE AHEADBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerABOMB_ALBS(94%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-07-27]
up2009-04-272009-04-2715x15PLACE AT THE TABLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerACTS_AWOLS(88%) By Timothy Powell [up2004-04-30]
up2009-04-282009-04-2815x15WATER BEARERSBy Verne Cole / Timothy ParkerMECCA_MOOD(92%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-06-16]
up2009-04-292009-04-2915x15ALL SETBy Albert Kingsley / Timothy ParkerTOMBS_TATE(86%) By Gail Grabowski [usa2004-05-17]
up2009-04-302009-04-3015x15BRAIN BUSTINGBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerRAMP_RABBI(83%) By Jay Sullivan [usa2004-04-14]
up2009-05-012009-05-0115x15SHH!By Marsha Fowkles / Timothy ParkerSLAT_SHADE(95%) By Van Vandiver [usa2005-04-13]
up2009-05-022009-05-0215x15MOTTO MANIABy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerALBA_ALE(90%) By John Underwood [up2004-05-01]
up2009-05-032009-05-0315x15BRUSHOFFBy Myles Hampton / Timothy ParkerHAGAR_HARM(86%) By Ed Early [usa2004-05-07]
up2009-05-042009-05-0415x15VERSATILE CREATURESBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerDATA_DINGHY(66%) By Sarah Keller [up2004-02-09]
(66%) By Sarah Keller [up2004-05-11]
(65%) By Tom Dirkshire / Timothy Parker [up2007-08-23]
up2009-05-052009-05-0515x15B NICEBy Lorrie Cutchins / Timothy ParkerDATA_DEBT(88%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2005-04-28]
up2009-05-062009-05-0615x15HOW DO YOU HUE?By Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerDUMB_DEBT(65%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-03-31]
(65%) By Amy Greene / Timothy Parker [usa2006-05-31]
up2009-05-072009-05-0715x15WORLDS FAREBy Albert Kingsley / Timothy ParkerGAFF_GUMS(72%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-04-27]
up2009-05-082009-05-0815x15IN CHARGEBy Verne Cole / Timothy ParkerRUNG_ROTE(81%) By Gordon Seaberg [up2004-04-05]
up2009-05-092009-05-0915x15SHAKE ON IT!By Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerMEDIC_MEND(82%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-07-06]
up2009-05-102009-05-1015x15GIANT WARNINGBy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerSLUMP_SNAP(76%) By Robert Zimmerman [up2004-05-20]
up2009-05-112009-05-1115x15SPARKLE AND SHINEBy Judith Kramer / Timothy ParkerRACED_RECTI(29%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-01-02]
(29%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-06]
up2009-05-132009-05-1315x15WHAT PUZZLE SOLVERS DOBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerECHO_ECLAT(42%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-01-01]
(42%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-04-11]
up2009-05-152009-05-1515x15DO YOU BELIEVE?By Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerORTHO_OWLS(27%) By Gregory E. Paul [up2002-08-31]
(27%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [usa2006-12-13]
up2009-05-162009-05-1615x15POND-ERINGSBy Lorrie Cutchins / Timothy ParkerPOPPA_PIP(39%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-05-09]
(38%) By Roger Coburn / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-25]
up2009-05-172009-05-1715x15GET THE POINT?By Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerTURFS_TOMB(31%) By E.c. Williams [up2003-01-27]
up2009-05-242009-05-2415x15STEP ON IT!By Judith Kramer / Timothy ParkerALTE_ALICK(36%) By Jay Sullivan [up2005-05-31]
up2009-05-262009-05-2615x15DO NOTHINGBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerANDS_ACME(33%) By Ron Halverson [up1999-06-24]
(34%) By Ron Halverson [usa2005-02-21]
up2009-05-272009-05-2715x15HELP WANTEDBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerPAWN_POOP(38%) By Ernest Lampert [up2000-03-02]
up2009-05-312009-05-3115x15BODY BUILDINGBy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerGHAT_GOGO(32%) By Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy Parker [usa2006-01-25]
up2009-06-012009-06-0115x15THE LOWDOWNBy Alex Vintner / Timothy ParkerSMOG_SRAS(38%) - By Mark Milhet [up2003-01-03]
(37%) By Candice Ireland / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-05]
up2009-06-022009-06-0215x15HARDLY SOLVINGBy Lane Kafti / Timothy ParkerPAGAN_PCBS(32%) By Marjorie Berg [up2000-05-25]
(32%) By Zinny Feapher / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-07]
up2009-06-032009-06-0315x15BUZZING ABOUTBy Albert Kingsley / Timothy ParkerATOM_AHEMS(32%) By Arlan Linda Bushman / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-17]
up2009-06-042009-06-0415x15PLAYING THE FIELDBy Verne Cole / Timothy ParkerEAST_EPIC(44%) By Sefton Boyars / Timothy Parker [usa2007-03-13]
up2009-06-052009-06-0515x15ACTION!By Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerTORSO_TAD(31%) By Tim Burr [up2002-12-12]
(31%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-11]
up2009-06-062009-06-0615x15THIS PUZZLE HAS EVERYTHINGBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerSCAM_STAKE(35%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-08-27]
(35%) By Sherman Johns / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-22]
up2009-06-072009-06-0715x15SIT DOWNBy Cliff Reed / Timothy ParkerDAFT_DUST(39%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-16]
(38%) By Carl Cranby / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-10]
up2009-06-082009-06-0815x15THE GASMAN COMETHBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerLOFTS_LISP(100%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-11-16]
(100%) By Alex Cole / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-27]
up2009-06-092009-06-0915x15FITTING PROTESTSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerCOHOE_CAPES(34%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-01-20]
up2009-06-102009-06-1015x15PITCHING WOODBy Jeggi Nelson / Timothy ParkerSHIP_SPECS(27%) By Noah Dephoure [up2004-12-28]
(27%) By Ed George [up2005-07-19]
up2009-06-112009-06-1115x15NUMBERS RACKETBy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerSTART_STOPS(30%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-10-17]
up2009-06-122009-06-1215x15CALL MR. FIX-ITBy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerMACE_MOPED(34%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-04-23]
(34%) By Morris Milwall / Timothy Parker [up2006-09-28]
(34%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2007-07-03]
up2009-06-132009-06-1315x15COMMON COMPANIONSBy Marsha Fowkles / Timothy ParkerRAM_ROCKS(34%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2001-07-28]
(34%) By Ruth Keller / Timothy Parker [up2006-06-06]
up2009-06-142009-06-1415x15SWEET!By Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerAAHED_ACME(32%) By James R. Richardson [up2000-08-28]
(32%) By Kitt Slingles / Timothy Parker [up2006-02-26]
up2009-06-152009-06-1515x15COLORFUL TERMSBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerMAAM_METRIC(29%) Shannon Burns [nyt1997-03-06]
(33%) By Mary Jung [up2001-08-11]
(33%) By Mary Jung [up2001-10-05]
(32%) By Shay Wise / Timothy Parker [up2006-05-25]
up2009-06-162009-06-1615x15A THOUSAND TIMES NOBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSTAG_SHUN(29%) By Holden Baker [up2001-05-15]
(28%) By Tim Burr / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-30]
up2009-06-192009-06-1915x15WATCH THE BIRDIEBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerEYRA_ESTAS(30%) By Hillary Day - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-12-04]
up2009-06-202009-06-2015x15TIME OF YOUR LIFEBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerSPEED_SOLO(34%) By Don West [up2001-09-09]
(33%) By April Daye / Timothy Parker [up2006-07-09]
up2009-06-212009-06-2115x15HUMAN GROWTHBy Jeggi Nelson / Timothy ParkerRIFE_ROC(32%) By Holden Baker [up1999-09-13]
up2009-06-232009-06-2315x15BUST A MOVEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerRAID_REDS(40%) By Thomas W. Schier [up1999-12-19]
(34%) By Caine Allison / Timothy Parker [up2005-10-23]
up2009-06-262009-06-2615x15PLEASE VISITBy Marsha Fowkles / Timothy ParkerLAPSE_LOGS(37%) By Robert H. Wolfe [usa2005-03-01]
up2009-06-282009-06-2815x15ITLL DOBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerUNDO_UTAH(33%) By Bonnie L. Gentry [up2004-09-20]
up2009-06-302009-06-3015x15SWITCH SIDESBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerSWISS_SOFA(31%) By Praveen Goday [up2001-08-10]
(31%) By Praveen Goday / Timothy Parker [up2006-05-21]
up2009-07-092009-07-0915x15FALL IN RANKBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerGUMS_GAFF(40%) By George Keller [up2005-07-26]
up2009-07-132009-07-1315x15FORE SITESBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerLSD_LOSS(28%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-07-18]
up2009-07-162009-07-1615x15HEEDING ADVICEBy Jeggi Nelson / Timothy ParkerHELD_HEWS(33%) By Mark Milhet [usa2003-11-13]
up2009-07-172009-07-1715x15BODY AND BOWLBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerDOTO_DOFFS(29%) By Kent Lorentzen [up2002-05-11]
up2009-07-192009-07-1915x15A PROPER PARTNERBy Carson Benny / Timothy ParkerCARYS_CAPT(29%) By Jay Leatherman [up2005-01-16]
up2009-07-212009-07-2115x15EARLY RISERBy Ann J. Jensen / Timothy ParkerNANA_NACHO(33%) By Ron Halverson [up2000-05-17]
(33%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-09-19]
up2009-07-222009-07-2215x15ANIMAL FARMBy Kenneth Holt / Timothy ParkerANTS_ASCOT(25%) By Gene Newman / Timothy Parker [usa2006-04-19]
up2009-07-242009-07-2415x15UNDER CONSTRUCTIONBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerGIANT_GAPS(37%) By Jay Sullivan [up2000-08-18]
(37%) By Andy Pinner / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-07]
up2009-07-262009-07-2615x15STALKING ABOUTBy Alex Cole / Timothy ParkerBREW_BLINK(35%) By Louis Hildebrand [up2000-06-15]
up2009-07-272009-07-2715x15ATYPICAL COMPUTER USERSBy Pannie Elder / Timothy ParkerAVOW_ANGSTS(36%) By Ed Early [up2002-07-06]
up2009-07-282009-07-2815x15BY HOOK ORBy CROOK / Timothy ParkerPILL_PIPE(39%) By Ed Early [up2003-06-13]
up2009-07-302009-07-3015x15HOUSE CALLSBy Jules Joplin / Timothy ParkerFEAR_FACE(27%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-06-02]
(27%) By Asia Pearl / Timothy Parker [usa2005-11-14]
up2009-07-312009-07-3115x15BODY PARTSBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerCAMP_CASH(25%) By Stephen Windheim [up2000-05-07]
up2009-08-012009-08-0115x15GIT!By Paul Colbert / Timothy ParkerPUMP_PSHAW(43%) By Amy Belle - Edited By Timothy E. Parker [up2002-12-10]
(41%) By Lucas Whetstone / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-19]
up2009-08-022009-08-0215x15FRUIT PICKERBy Carson Benny / Timothy ParkerGEAR_GAGS(40%) By David Covill [up2002-02-16]
up2009-08-032009-08-0315x15DOUBLE STANDARDBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerSHIFT_STEW(26%) By E.c. Williams [up2002-09-26]
up2009-08-062009-08-0615x15BIRD BRAINSBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerWADER_WALSH(50%) By Lynn Lempel [up2003-07-28]
up2009-08-082009-08-0815x15TURN IT AROUNDBy Carla Azure / Timothy ParkerTENET_TARE(31%) By Jim Page [up2005-05-22]
up2009-08-092009-08-0915x15GET UPBy Jordon Croft / Timothy ParkerTABOR_TABS(44%) By Gayle Dean [up1999-07-02]
(44%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-03-27]
up2009-08-122009-08-1215x15TINKLE TINKLEBy Alex Vintner / Timothy ParkerARID_ADORE(34%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-11-06]
up2009-08-172009-08-1715x15HIDE AND SEEKBy Leonard Gravis / Timothy ParkerBLOC_BLEW(34%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2000-02-26]
(34%) By Alex Cole [up2005-09-24]
(34%) By Fran and Lou Sabin [usa2003-04-11]
up2009-08-182009-08-1815x15IN NEED OF REPAIRBy Pannie Elder / Timothy ParkerSLANG_SANE(32%) By Fran Lou Sabin / Timothy Parker [usa2006-07-06]
up2009-08-192009-08-1915x15THINK OUTSIDE THE BOXBy Olivia Stamos / Timothy ParkerNIP_NABOBS(25%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-06-12]
(25%) By Alex Cole / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-22]
up2009-08-202009-08-2015x15QUITE A PAIRBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerRUMOR_RACE(27%) By Donald L. Blocher [up2003-08-29]
up2009-08-212009-08-2115x15NOTHING DOINGBy Alex Vintner / Timothy ParkerSAP_SEAWAY(36%) By James E.buell [up2002-06-03]
(37%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-10-10]
up2009-08-242009-08-2415x15KA-BOOM!By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerALLAH_AVIS(37%) By Mark Milhet [up2003-09-12]
up2009-08-262009-08-2615x15KISS AND MAKE UPBy Leonard Gravis / Timothy ParkerZEST_ZEBRA(32%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-03-29]
(35%) By Emily Chance / Timothy Parker [up2005-12-14]
up2009-08-272009-08-2715x15ON PATROLBy Ellsworth Perkins / Timothy ParkerGALL_GOD(29%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-23]
(28%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-25]
up2009-08-302009-08-3015x15LOSE A LAPBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerCURL_COAT(28%) By Ron Halverson [up2005-06-21]
up2009-09-032009-09-0315x15GOOD ACTINGBy Pannie Elder / Timothy ParkerBAMA_BOSCS(35%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-02-02]
(34%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2008-11-10]
up2009-09-052009-09-0515x15TIMES TABLEBy Judy Carson / Timothy ParkerDRAB_DRAW(27%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(28%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(29%) Betty Keller, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2009-08-12]
(29%) Betty Keller, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2009-08-12]
(34%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-11-30]
(35%) By Gary Benninghoff / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-18]
up2009-09-072009-09-0715x15GOING MY WAY?By Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerONCE_OMBRE(25%) By Matthew J. Koceich [usa2005-09-01]
up2009-09-082009-09-0815x15ON AND ONBy Diane C. Baldwin / Timothy ParkerBRAT_BEG(38%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2004-01-11]
(38%) By Gia Kilroy / Timothy Parker [up2007-08-07]
up2009-09-162009-09-1615x15MISTY SINGINGBy Jordon Croft / Timothy ParkerBONGO_BAD(45%) By Gail Grabowski [up2004-05-04]
up2009-09-172009-09-1715x15WILLIE SHOEMAKERBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerPASTE_PIPE(37%) By Lynn Lempel [usa2005-03-21]
up2009-09-202009-09-2015x15A SHADY CROSSWORDBy Mark Slinger / Timothy ParkerCOLOR_COMB(33%) By Javell Barishack [up2000-09-09]
up2009-09-222009-09-2215x15TEST DRIVEBy A.J. Culpepper / Timothy ParkerDAME_DATA(32%) By Mabel Greene [up2005-06-09]
up2009-09-232009-09-2315x15NEW IDEABy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerJUST_JOKES(25%) By Lynn Lempel [up2005-03-01]
up2009-09-252009-09-2515x15NIPPY AND THEN SOMEBy Oscar Lyndley / Timothy ParkerLAMB_LACE(28%) By Fran & Lou Sabin [up2002-01-10]
(29%) By Irma Afram / Timothy Parker [up2006-08-15]
up2009-09-282009-09-2815x15EAT HEARTYBy Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerDARLA_DCC(28%) By Alice Walker [up2005-05-10]
(26%) By Tim Burr / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-08]
up2009-09-292009-09-2915x15SILLY WILLYBy Pannie Elder / Timothy ParkerBOSH_BAWLS(47%) By Jim Hyres [up2005-01-08]
up2009-09-302009-09-3015x15OPEN WIDEBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerPLEA_PASS(29%) By Ed Early [up2000-09-30]
(29%) By Asia Pearl / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-06]
(37%) By Cole Cooke / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-22]
up2009-10-032009-10-0315x15COLOR CHARTBy Kelly Mellon / Timothy ParkerCASE_CASA(36%) By A.J. Santora [up2000-11-20]
(36%) By Asia Pearl / Timothy Parker [up2005-12-21]
(36%) By A. J. Santora [usa2003-02-20]
up2009-10-052009-10-0515x15A HANDY PUZZLEBy A.J. Culpepper / Timothy ParkerFLEA_FRET(38%) By Lynn Lempel / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-29]
up2009-10-092009-10-0915x15BODY LANGUAGEBy Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerWRIT_WASP(34%) By Gail Grabowski [usa2005-08-24]
up2009-10-102009-10-1015x15RED, NO WHITE, AND BLUEBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerIMBUE_IMPS(33%) By Marjorie Richter [up2000-10-09]
up2009-10-122009-10-1215x15MILES TO GOBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerSEAM_SEAS(39%) By Diane C. Baldwin / Timothy Parker [usa2006-04-04]
up2009-10-152009-10-1515x15YOU BET!By Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerPROP_PROWS(33%) By Jim Hyres [up2004-10-18]
up2009-10-172009-10-1715x15PEOPLE OF THE WORLDBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerLENS_LASH(37%) By Holden Baker [up2001-08-07]
(37%) By Kane Wesley / Timothy Parker [up2006-06-23]
up2009-10-202009-10-2015x153600 SECONDSBy Mark Slinger / Timothy ParkerTAPS_TALCUM(38%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-03-08]
(39%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-03-07]
up2009-10-212009-10-2115x15TURN AROUNDBy Adam Crosse / Timothy ParkerPALE_POUR(36%) By Diane C. Baldwin [usa2004-03-23]
up2009-10-232009-10-2315x15CREATION SCENEBy Mark Howard / Timothy ParkerMOTET_MATE(32%) By John Sherwood / Timothy Parker [usa2005-10-25]
up2009-10-262009-10-2615x15ANIMAL INSTINCTSBy Candice Lafferty / Timothy ParkerLESS_LASE(26%) By Annemarie Brethauer [usa2005-05-27]
up2009-10-272009-10-2715x15A ROOMY PUZZLEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerNOONE_NAUGHT(29%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-04-27]
(29%) By Lucia Cole [up2005-08-24]
(37%) By Tim Burr / Timothy Parker [up2006-11-28]
up2009-10-292009-10-2915x15SHHH!By Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerMALT_MOSCOW(36%) By Cathy Marker [up2002-03-28]
(37%) By Gary Cooper / Timothy Parker [up2006-09-03]
up2009-10-302009-10-3015x15WHAT TO WEAR?By Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerCAPER_COUP(35%) By Ed Early [up2002-02-15]
up2009-11-062009-11-0615x15TREE STRUCTUREBy Henry Quarters / Timothy ParkerSCUM_SPAR(40%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-04-25]
up2009-11-102009-11-1015x15WEATHER WATCHBy Kelly Mellon / Timothy ParkerSOWN_SENT(37%) By Marjorie Berg [up2000-06-11]
(37%) By Candice Carter [up2005-09-27]
up2009-11-122009-11-1215x15WAY TO GO!By Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerAMPS_AMBER(42%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2009-09-07]
(31%) By Matthew J. Koceich [usa2005-09-01]
up2009-11-132009-11-1315x15CREEPYBy Adam Crosse / Timothy ParkerSTUN_SPEC(36%) By Sylvia Thompson [up2001-09-01]
(35%) By Carl Cranby / Timothy Parker [up2006-07-23]
up2009-11-142009-11-1415x15SILLY BILLYBy Judie Lichten / Timothy ParkerCLINK_CANS(34%) By Diane C. Baldwin / Timothy Parker [usa2006-07-12]
up2009-11-162009-11-1615x15USE YOUR HEADBy Kelly Mellon / Timothy ParkerBAG_BEBOPS(35%) By Nelson Hardy [up2000-06-12]
(34%) By Alex Cole / Timothy Parker [up2005-11-22]
(33%) By Olivia Stamos / Timothy Parker [up2009-08-19]
up2009-11-172009-11-1715x15IS THAT CLEAR?By Adam Crosse / Timothy ParkerBARB_BLAIR(37%) By Gayle Dean [up2005-03-29]
(37%) By Gayle Dean [usa2004-12-22]
up2009-11-192009-11-1915x15ABOVE ALL ELSEBy Cameron Rooney / Timothy ParkerBEAU_BEFORE(32%) By Marjorie Richter [up2001-05-09]
(32%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-06-30]
up2009-11-222009-11-2215x15HOWS THE WEATHERBy Mark Howard / Timothy ParkerNEWS_NOME(32%) By Marjorie Berg [up2000-06-11]
(32%) By Candice Carter [up2005-09-27]
(42%) By Kelly Mellon / Timothy Parker [up2009-11-10]
up2009-11-232009-11-2315x15MEASURE UPBy Carl Cranby / Timothy ParkerKILT_KOTO(37%) By Mark Milhet [up2005-05-13]
up2009-11-242009-11-2415x15POOF!By Louis Lampley / Timothy ParkerEAGLE_EGO(29%) By Paula Gamache [up2002-05-18]
up2009-11-252009-11-2515x15A FEW POINTERSBy Adam Crosse / Timothy ParkerWOKE_WINE(34%) By Lavith Porter / Timothy Parker [up2006-01-16]
(33%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-04-25]
(30%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [usa2009-10-23]
up2009-11-262009-11-2615x15MAID SERVICEBy Alice Walker / Timothy ParkerBLARE_BEAM(41%) By Lynn Lempel [up2002-06-04]
(40%) By Alice Walker / Timothy Parker [up2006-10-02]
up2009-11-282009-11-2815x15SHOW ME THE WAYBy Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerSNAG_SPLAT(29%) By Nellie Becker [up2004-06-08]
up2009-12-022009-12-0215x15WERE ALL A-OKBy Lynn Lempel / Timothy ParkerBASS_BASKER(33%) By Lynn Lempel - Edited By Tim Parker [up2002-12-24]
(32%) By Henry Quarters / Timothy Parker [up2009-01-02]
up2009-12-032009-12-0315x15LOADEDBy KAY DANIELS / Timothy ParkerFACET_FAILS(42%) By James E. Buell [up2001-10-16]
(44%) By Kelly Johnson / Timothy Parker [usa2006-08-22]
up2009-12-042009-12-0415x15TIME AND TIME AGAINBy Casey Kelly / Timothy ParkerIDLE_ILLS(26%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(26%) by Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2004-05-25]
(27%) Betty Keller, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2009-08-12]
(27%) Betty Keller, edited by Stanley Newman [nw2009-08-12]
(46%) By Mark Milhet [up2002-11-30]
(42%) By Gary Benninghoff / Timothy Parker [up2006-12-18]
(40%) By Judy Carson / Timothy Parker [up2009-09-05]
up2009-12-062009-12-0615x15AT THE BODY SHOPBy Mark Howard / Timothy ParkerTHEY_TRIODE(28%) By Elizabeth C. Gorski [up2000-10-19]
up2009-12-082009-12-0815x15AN EXPERIMENTAL PUZZLEBy Gary Cooper / Timothy ParkerDAME_DELE(33%) By Ed Early [up2001-11-07]
up2009-12-092009-12-0915x15A RELAXING PUZZLEBy ALICE WALKER / Timothy ParkerLIKE_LILA(28%) By Norm Guggenbiller / Timothy Parker [usa2006-06-13]
up2009-12-112009-12-1115x15CASUAL FURNISHINGSBy Kay Daniels / Timothy ParkerNABS_NEWSY(31%) By Glenda Wilson / Timothy Parker [up2009-03-17]
(29%) By Alan Olschwang [usa2005-03-10]
up2009-12-122009-12-1215x15ELEVEN BOYSBy Adam Crosse / Timothy ParkerIFFY_IRAN(39%) By John Underwood [up2000-05-31]
(35%) By Cammie Wheatly / Timothy Parker [up2008-08-09]
up2009-12-132009-12-1315x15CLEAR PROFITBy Mark Howard / Timothy ParkerSTEP_SLOSH(36%) By Fred Jackson III / Timothy Parker [usa2006-05-12]
up2009-12-162009-12-1615x15NOW LAY IN ITBy Cole Cooke / Timothy ParkerFLOE_FLOCK(32%) By Donald L. Blocher [usa2003-10-23]
(32%) By Jim Downey / Timothy Parker [usa2009-12-04]
up2009-12-232009-12-2315x15THAR SHE BLOWSBy Jill Pepper / Timothy ParkerNOVA_NOBS(36%) By Mark Milhet - Edited By Tim Parker [up2003-01-07]
(36%) By Kelly Wilmark / Timothy Parker [up2007-09-25]
(36%) By Skip Daucette / Timothy Parker [up2008-05-02]

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